Monday, March 22, 2010

My treats came today

I received my prize from
Thank you Shell, I really appreciate it. I did win some blog candy from another blog but I didn't receive it :(
I also finished my mini for Kate. It is in the mail as we speak. I won't post the finished project until she receives it. I am so nervous. I sure hope she likes it. My daughters love it, so thats something.
It took me many tries to make the video of this mini. I don't know how to edit so I had to stop and start many times LOL. I think I need to do a bloopers reel, I think its more entertaining then the actual video.

My SIL Janice wants me to make an album for a friend of theirs son who is having his 1st baby. Janice actually phoned me to see how she would go about making a mini album of some type for the son's baby pics that she had gathered. I was telling her a few things then of course got caught up in the creative process. She said that she would feel bad if she didn't help. I just told her I would take over anyway. I tend to do that. She didn't seem to be bothered by me taking over her project LOL. Actually I think she preferred it LOL. She wants it simple. I can't wait to start on it. She needs it by Friday.

We drove around today as Ashley wanted to make Kristy her name in Alphabet Photography. It is actually fun trying to find the letters in everyday objects.

How was your Monday? Mine was a full day.



  1. Wow - look at all that loot! You scored! :)

    Yes, Scrapbook Trends is a very pricey mag...but it's got a TON of actual layouts in it - and not as much advertising, so it's well worth it every once in awhile, as far as I'm concerned. (It's like a mini idea book).

    As for the other blog candy you won but never received, I'd contact the person who was supposed to send it to you. It's possible it slipped her mind, or it got lost in transit. Sometimes people take MUCH longer to send out blog candy than they should. I plan on mailing mine out to the winner within 24 hours of getting their contact information, if at all possible. Oh - and don't even get me started on flakers. Grrr.

    Happy day, happy day! (Not really....but at least I drowned it in chocolate).

  2. Very nice stash of goodies. Love the tote especially.
    Your paper bag mini is TDF! Is there video or a place where I can learn to make one of those. My son will be asking his girl to marry him soon and would love to make a album for the upcoming even. Would be perfect for them.
    Thanks so much.

  3. The tote is very cute! And neat idea on the alphabet photos!

  4. Congrats! I've never had a Scrapbook Trends book...they cost too much for me, but I can just imagine they're GREAT! WISH I had one :)

  5. It looks like you got lots of great stuff!!! Have fun playing with your new goodies!

  6. Have fun playing with all your new stuff. Those mags look great. I have never bought them before but I just might have to!

  7. I was about to post about all your fun blog candy when my internet went down! BAH...That never happens! Great stuff you got. Your nails looked AMAZING;) Looking forward to seeing what you post with all your new goodies!

  8. Love all the blog candy you won! I guess you will have to start a new craft (jewelry making)!

  9. I am so busy at the moment I have not blogged or caught up on blogs, hoping next week slows down a little - so glad to hear from you that it got there and in one piece!!

    Glad you liked it - and I thought the t-shirt and the tote would be something to play on with the different fabric paints. Also those jewels can go on to the earring bits really easily!

    Cheers and glad you enjoyed sharing some of my prize from CHA!


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