Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pros and Cons of living in a Hotel

Now that we are home I have came to the conclusion that hotels are meant to be for a short stay only.
I don't know about you but as soon as I get to the room the first thing I do is check the bed for bed bugs...well actually the very first thing I do is jump on the bed teehee.
I am paranoid about bugs of any kind, bed bugs, lice. Tiny little bugs that like to live off your body, shiver.
There are pros and cons to staying in a hotel and here are some of mine.

You don't have to clean the toilet.
You can jump on the bed :)
You don't have a kitchen, so I can't cook, I think this is the best one.
We don't share a room with our girls (4 women, 1 man and 1 shower = not happy campers)
Internet access

I don't walk on the carpet bare foot.
I still make my bed every morning.
The water pressure is as strong as washing you hair in a spring shower.
Hubby had to fix the toilet as it ran for 1/2 hour.
Unsure of if the sheets were washed before you.
Have to pay for 2 rooms.
I have no where to go when hubby snores, so I have to turn on the air conditioner to drown him out, or smother him with a pillow.

So that is my hotel phobia's. Don't you feel better knowing this. LOL.

I know the 1st day of Spring was yesterday, so I thought that I would share a project I did a couple years ago. I also enjoy doing woodworking, and these little cuties were so easy to cut out.
The girls wanted to go to the mall today. Even though we spent most of our March Break in Mall of America. Ashley also wanted to make a indoor photo studio, inexpensively. She had read a post on how to make one for $20.00. Well we went to Walmart (as this is where this person went to) for the record I never go to Walmart. Well hardly ever lol. As it turned out she spent $73.45.
I know prices in Canada are more expensive but this is ridiculous.

Well I finished my or I should say Kate's mini today. I can't share it until she receives it.
Hope your Sunday was a relaxing one.



  1. Ha ha - I never walk around barefoot on hotel room carpets, either....and I always check out the sheets to make sure they're CLEAN. Ugh. I've got the heebie jeebies just thinking about what if they weren't! Aaack!

    Cute bunnies! You're so multi-talented.

  2. I sleep on top of the covers at hotels. I don't care how cold I get. Went on a group trip once....what we found under the covers scarred me for life.

  3. I always take the comforters off and forbid anyone from sitting/lying/touching them. I clean the phone, remote and toilet flusher with antibacterial wipes too. Nah, I'm not paranoid. I only used to work at a four star resort.

  4. Eeeew bedbugs! I never thought to check for those! The one I always worry about at hotels is scabies and of course you can't even check for those.

    Going barefoot doesn't bother me a bit though. But then again, I've been barefoot in one of the scummiest bars in Houston, so...

    I can't even begin to say how comfortable my man is in a hotel room. He's spent his fair share of time in hotels too. You'd think he'd of picked up some dreaded disease or pestilence by now, but he seems to be okay.

  5. I am so not a phobic hotel guest! I enjoy it thoroughly! Your bunnies are cute!

  6. Cute bunnies!

    I try to think happy thoughts when in a hotel, or using a public restroom, or anything else that could possibly be gross...

  7. I am totally with you on the Hotels...I always sleep on top of the bed and I never walk barefoot on the carpets...always have a pair of flip flops with me! :)
    Your easter bunnies are adorable!
    Debbie x


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