Sunday, March 14, 2010

One more sleep.

Today was spent cleaning the house.
We are going to Minneapolis tomorrow. So I had to totally clean the house before we leave. I have to do this every time we go away. I say its because I like to come home to a clean home, but the truth is, if something happens to us when we are gone I don't want anyone coming into my home and saying I was a bad house keeper. My daughters think that I am a nut job, but that is how my mind thinks.
I also helped Ashley. She had to make 100 invitations for a Founders Celebration for her placement. She had to design the invitations. Then we cut them out and the coloured card stock, and adhered them to the scallop paper. Ashley is like me as she had to give it a little extra something.So she made a belly band and put the tickets for this advent on the belly band. She also embossed the belly band with my cuttle bug.
We had a few problems. I bought new glue sticks, and they suck! Not only do they not stick they seem oily. So I used my ATG.
They turned out good.
Hubby and I ran to Michael's. I wanted to jot down some prices of some items I have my eye on. I am hoping that they are cheaper down in the States. Which we all know they will be.
I am so pumped about going on our trip. I just can't wait. One more sleep and we are off early in the morning.


  1. very nicely done.. great color wonderful job.. thanks for sharing...

  2. Beauty!

    Have a fun and SAFE trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!


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