Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Day

Today was a day I was suppose to stay at home and work on my mini album for Kate for Tanya's swap she organized.
Well we all know that didn't happen.
Kristy texts hubby to tell him that she forgot to brush her teeth and if we could pick her up at lunch so she could come home and brush them, LOL.
We had to get some papers signed at the his brothers. So we picked up Kristy and brought her to her uncles so she could brush her teeth while Wayne got his papers signed. Wayne asked Kristy if she wanted to stay home the rest of the day. She just chuckled. When we brought her back to school, hubby says I'm surprised you didn't take me up on my offer. Kristy replies I thought you were joking. She hates to miss school anyway.
We brought her back to school then we went to Thunder Bay Bookbinding as I wanted to get some type of binding to attach my chipboard (book board) pages together.
Hubby said do you want me to go in with you. No I replied I will probably get a better deal if you stay in the jeep.
Hubby says you should have worn your low cut shirt maybe you would have got it for a real good price.
When I get back in the jeep hubby says well how much was it.
Free I reply, he just smirked.

We ran by Michael's AGAIN today. Wow 3 days in a row. I needed sticky strip for the mini. I had printed off 2 more 50% off coupons. So I got the thin tape and hubby got me the thick tape. I should be set now. LOL.

Today was a nice day today. The weather was so warm. I waited in the jeep for Ashley to take her pictures for the Canadian Institute for the Blind. I brought a book and settled in for 45 minutes of reading. It was so warm in the jeep that I fell asleep hahaha. I had the jeep off the whole time and had to open the window to cool off. Hopefully soon the snow will be done.
Like my snow lady I made her up at camp during our 1st snowfall. I put pop can tabs on her ears for earrings and around her neck for a necklace. Isn't she just so cute.

Sharon came by for scrapbooking tonight. She did a 2 page spread. I worked on the mini. I am so nervous about this swap. Ashley says that I am over thinking it and that it will look beautiful. Isn't she a sweetie. I just want it to be perfect. I am still not sure about the papers. I keep changing my mind. Well hopefully tomorrow I can work on it most of the day.

Kristy's friend Julia is spending the night tonight. Its going to be a long giggling night.
Hope your Friday was a super one


  1. Heehee...your snowWOMAN cracks me up!!! I want an apron like that!!! Errrr....except soon mine will have to say 50....AAAACK!!!!!!!

  2. I too want that apron, but I'll take it in a "45". I scrapped with my friend Lil, went to lunch, scrapped more and shopped. We had a great time and chocolate too. Much better than the last 48 hours. Still glad this week is over!


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