Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice what a silly girl

Today was a pretty good day. It started off with me sleeping in..See told you it was a pretty good day.
Then Heather, Kristy and I went to see Alice in Wonderland. When I was younger this story always freaked me out. I think it was the animation. Plus Alice wasn't the brightest, "Drink this" and she did, "Eat this" and she did. She didn't rebel or anything. I couldn't relate. Ya I had some trust issues growing up LOL.
I really enjoyed this movie, so did my girls.

Then when we came home Heather reminded me that I told her that I would take up her pants. Well she had 4 pairs. That is the problem with being tiny you have to take everything up or in. Heather is taller than me, that's not hard to do mind you, with me being 4' 11". Heather said "Why did you have to be so short mom". Like I had a choice. I told her its in the genes...get it jeans. Ya she didn't think it was funny either.
Since I had my sewing machine out, I figured that I would finish my purse that I started before Christmas.
I finished it. At least I finished something. I altered the pattern as I wanted it smaller. The front pocket holds my cell phone. Barely.
I hate cell phones, I really do. The only reason why I have one is for company business. And I don't even give out my number teehee. Mind you if the phone was taken away I would probably miss it.

Ok back to the purse. Here is the inside of my purse. I love it because it has pockets inside it. I love that it keeps everything neat.Here it is packed ready to go on our trip. Wallet (with all my American money :)), Our passports (can't cross the boarder without them), note pad with prices for stuff I want, my camera (the red thingy), a pen, lip gloss and our travel insurance. Oh I can't wait to go.

We are going to Mall of America..if anyone knows of any scrap booking stores around that area, I would love to know.

That was my Saturday. Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine.
Oh ya don't forget to spring ahead 1 hour tonight


  1. Hi Tracy,

    You will have fun at the Mall!! Huge - so be sure to wear comfy shoes. That is only about a 1 and 45 minutes away from me! You must not live very far into Canada?

    You will get to go to Archiver’s in the mall and go to this link... this is a neat scrapbook store only about 5 minutes away. Nice store! Go and read a bit on it.

    Love the purse you made and I hate to fix clothing and such. YUCK. Have a great day. Glad you got to sleep in. That always helps. Have a great evening.


  2. Sounds Fun...I've never been to that mall, but when I was in Middle School...I went on a trip with my church to Canada and went to a HUGE mall somewhere near Toronto..I remember something like the World's biggest bookstore was across the, that was long time ago! It was Spring Break for us and it Snowed...which I thought was pretty cool!
    I LOVE Archver's....wish we had one down here near Savannah, GA!
    LOok at you...that's so great that you can sew! I had to give my machine away because I couldn't figure out how to even tread it! :P
    My son is going to be tall and my little girl is going to be short like me too!

  3. We have been to Mall of America quite a few times. We go about twice a year. It is about a 6 1/2 hour drive.
    We also go Rogers Mini, and we stay at Burnsville. Any other scrapbooking store that you know of?

  4. I want to see Alice, too!

    Have fun at the Mall of America! Somewhere I have always wanted to go!


  5. Love the purse! I would LOVE to go to Mall of America. A friend of mine goes every year to go school shopping with her mom an sisters. Hope you found some great deals and had a great time.

  6. Love the purse - but there is definitely something wrong with it. It's TOO FREAKING NEAT!!!! LOL.

    Have fun on your shopping trip. I went once....about 10 years ago. Mind you, it was about a 23 hour drive for me back then!

  7. We saw Alice this weekend too, and it was SOOO wonderful! I love your little purse! What a great project!

  8. Great job on the purse. I hope you all have a great time on your trip. Sounds like it will be a fun time. You'll have to show us what you get. ;)


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