Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unaccomplished Day

Do you have one of those days that seemed like nothing was really accomplished.
Well that was my day today. I had such high hope of organizing my stamping area. Remember that, the stamping area that I was planning on doing ..oh I don't know about 2 MONTHS ago. Ya didn't get it started even.

Ashley's friend Michelle came over for a photo shoot. They love their photography. I did the hair and make up again. I love this 1st picture of Michelle, she is so pretty.

This second picture was a redo of David Bowie. I used some vinyl to cut out a template and stuck it on her face and then added the make up. Then we put on sparkles. I will be finding sparkles in our kitchen for a long time LOL.

This picture here shows how it really sparkles. This young lady giggles so much it was hard to get a serious picture of her. She is a lot of fun.

Lady GaGa anyone. Yes those are pop cans in her hair. Now that was fun to roller her hair in them. I was thinking of using glue dots but they would have been hard to get out of her hair lol. I love this picture.

Oh Ashley got contacted to take some pictures of a lady and her child. The funny thing is as soon as Ashley told her that she would charge her the lady replied. Oh I thought you would do them for free. Seriously. Ashley has never met this lady, lady contacted her by messaging her through facebook. She was wondering if Ashley did this for a hobby or a business. Actually she contacted Ashley twice. Ashley said mom I would have done them for nothing. But that is not the point. This lady wanted to take advantage of Ashley, not cool, just because she is young you just don't do that.

I made some muffins tonight, so Kristy will hopefully take them for her lunch. Now don't get to excited they are from a mix. They are carrot muffins and I added chocolate chips to them. I made a second batch which I added Craisins and chopped walnuts. Yummy.

I forgot to share a photo with you on Saturday. This is what we woke up to in the morning. Not nice eh. It did melt by late afternoon. But still come on, I need Spring. Actually I need summer, but I am not greedy I will take Spring.
My dad and Doreen phoned me from Florida. They went there for a month, Lucky. They drove down it took them 4 days, they are from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Oh I just realized, I probably just confused you. I talk about my dad so much and now I tell you he is from Winnipeg LOL. Ok let me explain. When I talk about my dad (the one I take to the docs and such) technically he is my step-dad. I have never used that term though. He has been my dad since I was the age of about 2.
My dad that lives in Winni. He is my birth dad, see now that sounds strange as well. I have never made a distinction between them. I have 2 dads.
My mom and dad divorced when I was about 2. My mom married Jim-dad. And Tom-dad married my step mom Doreen. Clear as mud.
Mom +Dad = Darrell (older brother) Me (Tracy), Darren (younger brother)
Mom + Jim, dad = Calum (younger brother, Julia (younger and only sister)
Dad +Doreen = David (younger brother)

That is my family.

Ok now looking at my day maybe I should change my post title. Because I guess I did do a bit today, now that I look at it.

Hope you had an eventful Sunday.



  1. Oh Ashley. It is @ss, no swearing on my blog LOL.

  2. Seems like you accomplished quite alot for one day Tracy!
    The pics are fabulous I bet you & the girls had great fun preparing for them.
    Family networks can be soo cinfusing can't they...I wouldn't even know how to explain mine! LOL
    Debbie x

  3. My kids are on Spring Break this week but we are all ready fo SUMMER around here. I took them to the Beach Saturday to try to take a picture but it was way too cold...maybe soon!

  4. Hey Tracy!!! I love reading about your days! you have such a great blog! and your daughter is very talented with her photography! WOW!!!

    I wanted to tell you about my diaper cakes, since you've asked twice and I have never answered... :P

    I've made them 3 times now and love them! my fav so far has been the one with just ribbon. I also notice that size 1 diapers pamper swaddlers look better. they roll tighter and look more uniform.

    Here is the you-tube video that taught me how to do it.

    Hope it helps!!!
    E-mail me if you have a question
    Miscdaisy at comcast dot net

    <3 Mel

  5. DRAT! I think my comment got eaten! I always forget that the word verification thing is going to come up! And then I navigated away!

    Anyway, in case it did get eaten - I said something about how great it was that your step dad has full dad status and how I hope my kids feel like that one day about their about to be step father. I said how cool the David Bowie photo is and how tired I am of cool weather even here in Texas. And something else? But I said it much more eloquently, I'm sure! :-)

  6. Poopy. Wish I could see the pictures!! Blogger is being a beyotch this morning!!!!!

  7. YAY!! Blogger is fixed! Great pics!! (Except for the snow...that pic SUCKS!) ;)

  8. WOW! Crazy weather. We were able to plant this week but we've had one of the coldest winters on record here. Definitely can't wait for it to be consistently sunny and warm out. Tired of cold and dreary. Your family sounds like my family, my siblings are all techniquely(sp) half siblings but we don't really make that distinction.

  9. Looks like the photo shoot was a lot of fun. I've had issues with people expecting photo services for free. Don't do it, Ashley! Love the blog!


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