Monday, March 15, 2010

We made it safe and sound...well safe.

Well we left the house at 7:00am. I call my hubby the "The Time Nazi" as when he says we are leaving at 7:00am is exactly 7:00am. Not 7:05, Not 7:01, it is 7:00. It drives me crazy.
It us about 6.5 hours to get here. He let us stop for a couple pee breaks and a very quick brunch.
You know the saying "Its not the destination, it's in the journey". Well my hubby doesn't see it that way. He hates to stop, he thinks he is in a race. And is so proud if we get here earlier than the last time. Drives me bonkers.
Well anyway hubby got us here safe and sound. We got to stop for pee breaks, he didn't make us pee in our pop cans this time, LOL, just kidding.
First stop Cabela's. Hubby's favorite store. Here are the girls posing with a wooden bear outside the store. I won't show the picture of Ashley getting too friendly with the bear. I didn't put a warning on my blog for adult only content, LOL. I am sure you can use your imagination and you would probably be correct.

I found some scrapbooking supplies at Cabela's. Hubby said only you could find some scrapbooking paper at an outdoor store. I found some nice outdoor paper. They had these cute fishing and hunting charms. And I thought these ammo boxes might work for my mini alphabet stamps. Hubby also bought me a rain jacket. It is a pretty rose colour.
We went to Target for pop and munchies and I found these on the sale. The paper stack was only 3.87, The large stamps were 2.32, The mini stamps were 1.49, and the apoxy letter stickers were .87 SCORE.We then went and checked in. I had a coupon so the rooms were 54.00 for the girls room and 45.00 for our room. Plus I have a card that gets punched each time we stay here. I was up to 10 stays so I got one night free. Another SCORE.
After we checked in we went to the Burnsville Mall. Girls bought a few things. I bought this shirt. It looks green in the light (bad hotel light) but it is more blue and black.

Lastly we went to Micheal's. I know we have one at home, but the prices at home are almost twice the price. I got Kristy to print me 5 coupons on the Internet so I got to use my 40% off coupons to boot. Major Score.Here is the breakdown....

Martha punches @home=27.99 17.99 ...40% off= 10.79
Tacky Tape 1/2"@home= 4.99....40% off= 2.99

T Holtz key holes @home't use a coupon

T Holtz Word Keys @home 40% off=5.99

Another Major SCORE.

That was my fun filled day. And I haven't even walked through the doors of Archiver's yet. Oh Boy can't wait until tomorrow. I am so excited I am almost peeing in my pants, oh oh where is that pop can, teehee.



  1. OMGoodness - the punches!! THAT was a major score!! I'm somewhat jealous! :)

  2. Oh, I am SO jealous of all of your goodies!!! I have wanted those stinking Tim Holtz key holes and those fantastic fob thingies for so long now! LOL! And those punches are awesome! I love that lacey looking one!

  3. Wow, good haul! Smart thinking on the coupons! I should do that when we head south in a couple weeks;)

  4. I didn't start scrapping until AFTER I moved from Canada to the U.S., so I had no idea how expensive scrapbooking items were (well, really - EVERYTHING) until I went back and had something to compare them to. I guess I really take it for granted, now.

    Sounds like you're having a great time!

    Oh - and your hubby - big thumbs up! He's just like me whenever I'm driving anywhere...LOL. I don't stop for ANYTHING except gas! HA HA HA.

  5. Congrats!!!!
    Didn't realize that you guys pay THAT much more for stuff up there! I knew it was some but that's ALOT! That would buy alot more stuff!!!!!


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