Thursday, March 4, 2010

A good Shopping Day

Woke up early this morning and did the treadmill before Kristy went to school. Yeah me. I even upped the incline to 5.
When hubby and I went out today I bought this magazine. I really don't like the title of this magazine. Seriously does everyone have to know my age when buying a magazine.
It has healthy recipes in there and some exercises to tone. I haven't gone through it yet, but hopefully it has some good info in it.

Ok so about my day. I had a dentist appointment today. Isn't it sad that the only place I get to sit down, relax and have people be attentive to me is during a dental cleaning. Something is so wrong with my life LOL.
Hubby is off for the whole month I think. He has to catch up to his brother's on days off.
The only problem with this is hubby likes to go out. And by going out I mean to Canadian Tire. He doesn't like to go alone so I end up going as well. Mind you he is fair, we usually go to Michael's as well. Here is the Xyron 9" he bought me yesterday.
Today was the Big Bite. I never thought that I would ever use one of these tools. But now that I am into making mini albums I can see me getting some use out of this.
In this family I am the saver and hubby is the spender. I told him this thing could punch holes in leather, like belts. He was like Ohh ya you should get it LOL. He buys tools and I ask him what will you use that for. His reply is always. "I probably won't ever use it, but if I need it, I will have it." Huh.
Lots of women hide their purchases from their husbands. Me I have to hid the flyer's from him. LOL
IT'S OUT. The newest Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine. I love this magazine. It is the only one I don't cut up. It is high quality and I love the articles about the scrapbookers around our country.Ohh I haven't even opened it yet. It is so pretty. It smells so nice. LOL
I also got this one. It is about different techniques. There is a series of these. I wasn't going to get it as the techniques are pretty basic. But I figures since I have every Canadian Scrapbooker magazine since they started with this mag, so I might as well get this too. You know I have to have the whole collection.
I made my dad some meatloaf for supper. When I say me I mean Wayne (he would have made a good wife shhhh). I wanted dad to have a fresh homemade meal. So ran and got him a few groceries then went to visit and make him a plate. Kristy came with me and tidied up his dishes and made him a tea.
Hubby and I had to go to the Stupid Store opps sorry Superstore. We needed girly things and toilet paper. With 4 women in this household we sure go though alot. We are ruining the environment. You would think that just us alone could have kept the paper mills open, they should have made TP.
Hope your Thursday was a good one.


  1. Hey, if I had washboard abs like that "over 40" woman on the magazine cover - I'd be saying I was over 50 just to make everyone think I REALLY looked good. heehee.

    I LOVE Canadian Scrapbooker magazine. I miss it, too. Every time I go home, I buy the latest issue. It's the one mag I never tear up, either. :)

    Enjoy the new toys. I never have to hide my purchases here, either. (Cuz I'm a spoiled brat.)

  2. Wow! You got some really fun new toys!!! Have fun playing with them! should totally check out Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. It tones and works your heart and it is amazingly effective. I'm doing it and loving it!

  3. OOh I think your husband needs to be off more often - you get spoiled rotten LOL and you will LOVE the 9" Xyron - I have one and it is FAB!

    Also... I want to know how the hell you blog on the treadmill!!... I would smash the laptop!

    Also your prize you won on my blog is coming - never fear! - I have had a frantic week - so packaging it up this weekend and will post it out!

  4. You are so funny! Your post usually make me laugh out loud! I'm so glad I stumbled by here!

  5. WOOHOO #50! I have posted you to my Blog as a quick link! Thanks so much:)


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