Monday, March 8, 2010

More pictures

WOW 7 days straight on the treadmill. I don't feel as tired. Actually today was the first day this week that I took a nap.

With this new healthy lifestyle I am trying to have, I was thinking of quitting my Coke (pop) addiction. But we are going away for the March break, which means lots of restaurant food. I want coke when I go to a restaurant. I use to only drink water, key words USE TO. I keep telling my self that I don't have any bad habit...I don't drink, don't smoke..what do you do, Goody two, goody two, goody, goody two shoes. Sorry just broke out with Adam and the Ants there, LOL.

Ashley had fun taking pictures of Kristy today when Kristy came home from school. She wanted me to post them. Look this is what a young teen looks like when they are smiling LOL.
They had so many different outfits to wear. I think Kristy was kind of tired of being the only subject. One last one of my beautiful daughter Kristy.

This here is what Ashley bribed Kristy with in order for her to take pictures of her. I told Ashley that she should go into advertising. Kristy stop biting your nails. You only have nubs left.
Oh I got to work on my mini album. Its not done....far from it.

We went for groceries today. Seriously that is about all we did.

My shows were all repeats tonight. Well except for House, that was finally new.
Hope you had a creative Monday to start your week off.


  1. OMG, you did not quote Adam Ant! I saw him perform in, gulp, 1982! He did perform Goody Two Shoes.

  2. Tsk...and just what, exactly, is wrong with nubs for fingernails?! ;)

    Your daughter takes excellent photos.

    Yes, I agree - you should STOP drinking Coke! Switch to PEPSI PRODUCTS!!!! Bwaahaahaa!!!!

    (I can't give up my diet pepsi, no way, no how. Water is too bland. Bleccch.)

  3. These are fantastic!!!! As far as the coke thing - I am a Diet Coke girl and I limit myself to two a day. I'm finding that when I'm working out daily I only want one on most days. I don't drink coffee at all. I drink tea and water a lot. It works better for me to have an achievable limit than to give it up entirely.

  4. I don't drink coffee (I even hate the smell of it). And can't eat or drink anything diet. I hate the taste of artifical sweetners. I only drank water or green tea when I changed my eating habis before.

  5. Pssst....I tried emailing you, and it bounced back!! What am I doing wrong?!!

  6. Ok Miss Tracy...check your should have gone through this time? Send me a reply so I know if it did, hon. xoxox

  7. I am lucky - I hate Coke/Pepsi anything cola flavoured - I just don't get it *shudder*.... in fact I hate anything fizzy!!... except raspberry fizzy drink from NZ!!.. oh and maybe champers ;-)

    ok so maybe I have some other vices though *shhhhhh*

  8. Tracy.....Did ya get my email? just want to have me comment here don't you?

  9. Your daughter looks like one of those famous young hollywood actresses. I can't put my finger on the name though. Awesome job with the treadmill!

  10. It's not easy to go "soda free" but you CAN do it if you REALLY want to do it! My goal is to go a YEAR! My husband doesn't think I should ever drink the stuff again but I don't know about that! Congrats on 7 days on the treadmill that's GREAT!!!


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