Monday, March 1, 2010

Beware, not a perky post.

Wow March already. I am still working on month end so to me it is still February.

Today was a "dad" day. I did his laundry late last night. Oh that was fun. Why do older people keep Kleenex in their pockets? I swear he had a whole box in his pockets. My washer was full and so was the dryer.
I had to take him to a doctor's appointment. I gave him his wake up call. He wanted to know when I was coming, as he thought he might need help getting ready. When I got there he was ready. Thankfully, I just had to help him put on his shoes. I love him but really who wants to help their dad get dressed.
My dad has severe rheumatoid arthritis, both his hands and feet are twisted. And now it is affecting his spine. He is in pain 24/7.
It was quite a task getting him to my jeep with his walker and his oxygen. The maintenance man saw us and came and helped and stayed with my dad while I ran and moved the jeep closer.
So doctor, blood work, picked up prescriptions and groceries.
Dad told me that he can't live on his own anymore. This just broke my heart. Its one thing for others to realize this, but when he realized it, it was like he was broken. I feel like I didn't do enough for him, to keep his independence.
He said that he takes up to much of my time doing everything for him and its not fair to me or my family.I just told him that I had rather you take up some of my time rather than none of my time.
I made him lunch and tea before I left. I reached over to unplug the kettle and was like oh my arm feels warm, no now its fricken hot. Well as you can see I burned my arm.

So that is what my day consisted of. I worked while I watched House. Which was a REPEAT I might add.

I apologise for this depressing post. Tomorrow I will blow you away with a good one. My day will be awesome, even if I have to make stuff up LOL.

Hope your Monday was creative.



  1. Awww, I'm sorry you had a crap-tastic day. :( That burn seriously looks OWWWIE.

    It's sad to see our parents getting old. Kinda gives us a wake-up call, ourselves.

    I really, truly hope tomorrow is a better day for you. If you want to laugh, check out my blog. I'm full of piss and vinegar today, so as long as you don't mind my's worth a gander.

  2. You're a good daughter. It's so hard to watch our parents get old. I feel for you.
    I'm sorry about that burn, yikes!!! Be careful!
    Sending you good thoughts.

  3. We can not always have chipper posts....that is part of life. It helps to share your frustrations and to know that others go through the very same thing.

    Your Father is LUCKY to have a loving daughter like you.

    Take care of that burn and don't forget to breath. The good comes with the bad...sometimes we just have to take it all in stride.

    I hope today is better for you ;)


  4. I'm sorry your Dad is at the point where he knows he can't live on his own, but at least you have the blessing of a Dad who is lucid enough to recognize that and to still talk to you rationally about it. That is good. And you are such a sweetie for helping him in any way you can. Sorry about that burn...that's suckage!

  5. hope feel better soon.. but it almost looks like a hreat burn... so you can smile and know your loved... feel better...

  6. I feel your pain. My granddad moved to assisted living and is no longer close - he was so very active and now he's not. It's tough. Take care of that burn it looks bad!

  7. It is so hard seeing our parents age, isn't it? ((((Hugs)))).

  8. My dad turns 79 tomorrow. He and my mom live on their own, but I help a lot. I had to help my dad with his underwear the last couple of times he was in the hospital so I know how you feel. I hope your arm gets better soon. If you have another poopy day, you go right ahead and talk about it. It will make you feel better. (cyber hug)

  9. It sounds like he is very lucky to have you and that you are taking good care of him. I know it must be hard to hear him say that and a little scary to think have to think about what to do now.

    Ouch...about your arm. Just remember to keep putting aloe on it.

    GOOD LUCK with everything!! My thoughts will be with you.



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