Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Intentions

You know when you go to bed at night you are full of good intentions for the next day. Such as Tomorrow I am going to work out, I am going to drink water not Coke, I will organize the whole house, I will craft me a master piece after I finish my book work. Oh come on you all do it, right.
Well I did two of the 20 things that I wanted to do. 1. I finished my book work Yaaa. 2. I did my walk on the treadmill. I was going to put that one off, but my oldest daughter Ashley reminded me why I need to do this. See I was diagnosed with Heart Disease about 5 yrs ago. That was a bad year, I will post about that another day. Well about the Heart Disease, I have Cardiomyopathy. Which just means I have a weak heart. My grandfather passed away at 32 of a heart attack. Both my parents had heart attacks at the age of 50 and my brother had one at 42. So see I hadn't a chance. Damn genes.
Well my doc gave me pills (which I hate taking pills, I don't even take aspirin) I vowed to get off of them. Well guess what about a year later I was able to get off them. I walked/jogged every day watched what I ate and only drank water or green tea. I lost 15 lbs. I am 4'11" and I weighed 101 lbs, And I felt the best that I could feel.
Well over the years things kind of slipped and I am about 8 lbs over. I know everyone says I look fine and I do. But every extra lb is a strain on my heart.
I guess you are wondering why I am writing this..well because I have been feeling tired again and that was the first sign things weren't right (even though I made lots of excuses for it).
So I figured if I was to put it on here it would be a place for me to be accountable to eat better and to exercises.

Ok enough about me...oh ya this blog is about me DUH.
My daughter Ashley and her friend Lisa went out and did some photo shoots. Here are the ones Lisa took of my beautiful daughter Ashley. Ashley called this one Snow Kiss. I just love it.
Seriously how beautiful is she? I'm not expecting an answer I know the answer.
Lisa took all of these pictures out on the local rink. Ashley wanted to practice her studio shots. So I will post hers tomorrow. These girls love photography.
Now if you remember from the other day Ashley went skating (she hadn't gone in years) and of course she got blisters. Well after her photo shoot she got a blister on her blister. You may be wondering why I posted this. Well this was the only photo I had taken for today. And well its gross.
Hey Ashley you should put some lotion on your feet they look a little dry. Your going to put holes in your socks.
So anyway about my day. I finally got our groceries. 2 things I don't like to do. 2. Buy groceries. 2. Cooking (I like to bake). You would think that because I love to eat that I would like to prepare it NOT. If I never had to cook again I would be a happy camper. I would have thought that the Jetson's pills would have been invented by now. Oh ya I don't like to take pills. Guess that wouldn't work for me.
If you follow my blog you know that sometimes I wake up with music in my head. This morning it was the song from the Olympics. I Believe. Love that song.
Boy I am long winded today. I will shut up and go to bed now.
What is your new beginning for this Tuesday.


  1. ew my foot is sooo dry, thats just gross

  2. Wow - I must be rubbing off on you - you ARE long winded! LOL!!!

    Seriously now...

    First off....listen up, tweedledum. You had BETTER take good care of yourself. I just "met" you and you're going to stay good and healthy, you hear me?!! Easy way to do that - do not eat what I eat! (everything under the sun). Wowza, you certainly don't seem to "fit the mold" for cardiomyopathy. You're a tiny little thing, you're young.....just wow. Don't feel too badly....I ended up with sucky genes, too! (And I'm just like you - I HATE popping pills, and I'll suffer through a headache before I'll take a tylenol, even!)

    Your daughter is GORGEOUS. (I know you weren't looking for an answer, but you got one anyway).

    Oh....and I had to laugh at your reference to the "Jetson's pills". I used to love that cartoon. :)

  3. Stay on that treadmill! My Mother-in-law has had 3 heart attacks and 2 'incidents' and it is scary every single time! Don't do that to your kids! Good for you for getting on that treadmill! And....wow you are short! HA! Sorry...I couldn't help it! LOL! Those photos of your daughter are gorgeous!

  4. the pictures are great ..i sure she get plenty of comment on her hair is so pretty..... thans for the picture .. i used to love ice skating also....have a blessed one..

  5. Oh my goodness! Your daughter is stunning and her friend is a fabulous photographer!!!
    Congrats on getting back on the treadmill- I'm trying to get back on track myself!

  6. Really great photos, love that first one, so elegant!! Staying healthy these days is hard work , keep at it girl you can do it!!

  7. Love the pics! And as others have said, your daughter is gorgeous!

    Oy! Sorry to hear about your heart issues. Stay on course to healthy living. I'm going to try to do the same thing. (I typed this after eating a doughnut.:-P).

  8. your daughter is beautiful.. wow... I hv a heart condition too.. u are not alone.. hugs

  9. Wow you are right... those photos of your daughter ARE gorgeous. Being a fellow red head I am bias :)


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