Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Boy Card...and I my girls now have the colouring bug ;)

I finished my card for the newest baby in the family.
Matthew (that's the new baby) is the first boy born in my Hubby's family in 22yrs. Then 7 girls were born and now Matthew. Girls rule the households, teehee.
Back to my card.
I used the banner die for the word baby. Actually I used my Cuttlebug for all the dies :)
I had to use this coloured image from yesterday as I printed them in different sizes and this is the one that fit the space the best.
This card is a biggie, it measures 6x6".
 I lightly inked around the edges to bring out the embossed edge. The banner is a light powder blue with white dots.
 Showing the dimension.
 I woke up Sunday morning from a sound sleep with this image in my head....okay it wasn't this exactly. It looked more like the finished card.
Hubby was sitting on the couch, when I ran out of the bedroom yelling..Pen, pen...I need a pen and paper!!
Don't worry he is used to my craziness.
So what do you think? Is it close to the finished card, lol. I never claimed to be an artist :)
 Are you a thrifty scrapper like me?
I didnt' want to cut into a brand new 12x12 piece of pattern card stock. I knew this piece was going to be covered up with the blue card stock. So what I do is cut out of the center. Save paper and no one ever knows that there is a piece missing....well now they do ;)
Kristy has been colouring images lately. Mind you hers are full sheets of paper. She has been colouring Pokemon images she finds off the computer.
Heather then wanted to shade, so she found an image that she liked and coloured. I told them both that they could use my GASP...Copics. But they both said no, they preferred to use their pencil crayons.
I offered to buy them some Prisma Pencils, but again the said, No, they are fine with their school pencil crayons.   I thought I could use them as an excuse to get me some.....I mean... them some Prisma's ;)

Onto My Day:
Made a card.
Kept checking to see if my parcels were in..nope not all of them.
Took a nap, so much for those iron pills
Got some groceries
Decided to just have a small turkey with hubby and my girls this Friday.

Hope your day was a creative one :)



  1. Love the turn out on the card. Pretty similar to the "sketch" :0) Wow, your girls color just as good as you do, that's awesome. Ty likes to try to color the same way I do, it's cute :0) Big Hugs!!!!

  2. Your card turned out GREAT!

    Your daughters are following in your footsteps...teehee. I really think you should buy mean them....some more copics and prismacolors....teehee.

  3. Great baby card! Clever to cut in the center of the matting paper!! I have to remember that one!
    Beautiful colouring from your girls!! Showing some serious talent :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. great card. oh my boys would love the pokemon figures. they love that cartoon. tell them great job!

  5. LOVE that card!! Very nice & yes, I'm a very thrifty scrapper too. My last few layouts had the insides totally cut out of them so that there was only a frame left for the page. Hey, this stuff ain't cheap & it's getting harder to come by! ;-)

    I have to say that the apples don't fall far from the coloring tree in your orchard! WOW! They do awesome!

  6. Love the card. Coloring is so much fun! If you end up getting some prisma pencils, would love to know what you think! I have been thinking about adding some other coloring tools to my stash.

  7. Lovely card Tracy!!!!

    Happy Easter !!!!


  8. Love that banner on the card and I think it looks exactly like your sketch! I love when I wake up and have an idea in my head for a project! Your girls coloring looks great, I have Prisma's and my coloring doesn't look nearly that great haha!

  9. Love the card and I'm awed by the shading done with colored pencils. That's just amazing!!!

  10. Cute card! And exactly like the sketch. Love when inspiration strikes and you need to get it down on paper! :)

  11. Adorable card! I love the banner. I have still yet to get into my craft space and do something. Maybe I should get my hiney off the computer and do it now. I have some stuff to put away and that is always fun to do.

  12. Great job with the card, I think the banner just makes it! Enjoy your turkey with your family.

  13. Tracy,
    What a great card, I love the banner.

  14. That happens to me all the time, waking up with an idea. Once I woke up in the middle of a night with an idea and I just had to write it down and couldn't find a pen to save my life. I now keep a notebook and an pen/pencil next to my bed for that reason.

  15. Really cute. I like the banner for Baby.

  16. I love your sketch! I usually think of things right before I fall asleep but never get up to write it down. So of course I always forget. Maybe I'll do this next time.... Adorable card! Love the girl's coloring too. Not bad with some generic pencils! :)

  17. Love the banner on your card!!! and it's always a nice day when a nap is involved :)

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