Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Friend Card.

I made a card tonight :) I coloured this image a couple days ago. I used my limited supplies of copics ;) In this image she is sitting down. I didn't have anything to sit her on. Oh last night as I lay in bed the ideas wouldn't stop. But when I actually made the card, all those cool ideas went out the window, lol. I'm liking this card, but not loving it. Like I mentioned she is sitting. So I trimmed around her feet and around some of the flowers and then slide my circle Nestie under her feet and ran it through my cuttlebug. I then inked around her with a yellow mini ink pad. I hate that the colours change with every picture I take. I need to improve my picture taking skills. Here is a shot to show all the dimension :) Here is the inside of the card. The recipe card was already this purple colour so all I did was punch out the corners :) Onto My Day:

I haven't really been motivated to do my regular house cleaning. I used to wash the windows weekly, vacuum a couple times a week, as well as wash the floors. Move the fridge and stove to clean behind it a couple times a month. And I loved to organize. It would get me excited to organize something. Well lately not so much, I haven't figured out why?

So today I spent awhile cleaning my bedroom. I figured I would start with the room I should feel the most relaxed in. Funny the things I found on my dresser. Bank Envelopes and coasters from local restaurants. Those should be in my craft/scrap room. I was to make mini books out of those bank envelopes and with the coasters that I asked the waitress for ;)

I went to my Reformer class tonight. I was informed that next week they changed the class to the second level. I haven't even finished the beginners class yet. I asked the instructor if I should change the day of the class to finish the beginners class. She told me Nope, you'll be good in the next level......we will see, lol.

Proud Tuesday:

1. Reformer class

2. I made a card.

3. I made a video for a girl who asked for a specific type of card.

4. Totally cleaned my dresser.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. I really like this one (want that die methinks!). I always love it when those Magnolias are hanging off the layer like that!

  2. Reformer class?

  3. cute card!

    wow impressed with all your cleaning. boy oh boy do i have to clean.

  4. Tracy,
    Super cute card. I love all the dimension and the colors are so vibrant.

  5. I really like how you have her sitting off the die like that Tracy, super cute! I clean weekly too, but sometimes I do a better job than others :) You'll do great in your next reformer class!

  6. Lovely video!!! OMG!!! I have to clean my house :)
    hugs from Brazil

  7. Love your card. That stamp is so cute. Love what you did with the design to make it work. Great detail! I have been ignoring the housework. Since it's just me, that's easy to do! As soon as this yard sale is over I'll be scrubbing the house from top to bottom. Good times ahead! (not!) :)

  8. I think the card is adorable! I really need some nesties.

  9. Love the card - I'm waiting to get my Heart Circles (they keep selling out! LOL!).

    So far today, I accomplished a 20 min workout :)

    Have a great Wednesday!

  10. I hope your proud of this card Tracy, it's gorgeous and I love all your elements. It's so nice to see your creations on your blog.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. Love your card Tracy! That little girl is too cute! I have a limited amount of copics too, but am going to order some in the next couple weeks, just start with a few and build from there. Hope you have a great Wednesday!!

  12. Such a cute card! I love the purple too!

  13. Tracy this is sooooo adorable!
    Thanks for leaving an answer on my blog to the question I asked about your previous card. Oh, and thanks for the "model" compliment! ;)

  14. Hi Tracy,
    So what are you up to today? Cute, cute card. I like that she is sitting in the circle.
    Got all my cleaning done yesterday too. Laundry today. Took Harlee to get a haircut and then she needed to go shopping at her favourite store--Target. She could do a Target add she so loves that place. Came home for some lunch and head to work for a few hours to help a gal out. Headed to Idaho Falls tomorrow if the weather is good to spend it there with my hubby.

  15. Vey cute card. I have not gotten into Magnolia stamps yet. But I might have to because they look so cute. I like your decoration and especially the 'heart' circle behind your image. Nice.

  16. I can't believe it, you clean your windows every week? I don't care if it is surface clean, once a week? WOW!! Love your card, thanks for the various angle shots, always nice to see the details!

  17. I used to clean all the time too and organize and re organize but in the last year or so I haven't wanted to do it at all :0) Beautiful card! Love the purple :0) Hugs!!!!

  18. I think that the card turned out great! I know the feeling about not wanting to clean. I blame the grey blah. It just makes you want to take a nap! Good luck with your reformers class!

  19. Beautiful! Loved that you used the "out of the box" technique (one I tried to figure out for months before a fellow blogger clued me in!)

  20. Adorable Tilda! I, too, love how you have her sitting on the circle edge...Thank you so much for joining us at Come and Get It Challenges!


  21. Haha I alwayhs see that baloon sausage guy thing!


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