Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Time and some Image swaps.

 Well which one do you think?
I got this image from Marlene. Every once in a while she posts images and sentiments that she has created and she lets you download (or is it upload? I can never get that straight) for a limited time. Luckily I nabbed this one before it disappeared.

Well which one? I know that they look similar. See its these little things that hold me back.

You will notice a few baby boy projects on my blog in the near future.
Don't get excited NONE of them are for me....I am done in the baby department.
Hubby's nephew and his wife had a baby boy and my SIL is putting on the baby shower.
So I am going to make a diaper cake for the shower, give aways for the games.
I am going to make a baby boy album and maybe squeeze in some decorations into all this...all by May 2nd.
Sharon says I work well under pressure, lets hope so.
I did know about this shower earlier, but haven't worked on anything yet.

I have a few video's to share with you all.
As you know I have been in a few image swaps. I have asked the ladies if they wanted me to do a video of them. There is some controversy on this issue, so I wanted to make sure they were okay with it.
I received some Happy Mail from Jenn, Louise and Schell.
Thank you ladies, you sure have brightened my days.
Funny thing is everyday I got some Happy mail, today Nothing...not even a bill, okay, I am not complaining about not getting a bill, lol.

Proud Tuesday:
1. went to my last ;(  Reformer class tonight.
2. Didn't take a nap today, maybe those Iron pills really do work ;)
3. Went to my LSS and only picked up the paper I wanted to try :)
4. I cooked Salmon for supper....healthy
5. I got to colour today

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. great images! i think they both look great!

  2. thanks Tracy...you are very kind!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  3. I think both images would be great, but IF I had to choose one, it would be the one with the blue wheels. It's a pretty cute image!

    I think I have to agree at how much alike you & I are, I can know about an event & wait until I'm under pressure to do the project, but my best inspiration doesn't happen until I'm under pressure. Best work under pressure - check! ;-)

    Let's see, what made me proud on Tues....? My daughter did a good job & looked darling at her school's Spring program. Even her 18 yr old brother is proud of her. I'm proud of my whole family. I'm proud of my flower gardens & that they're holding up great this year! Oh, and I'm proud that my clothes are fitting looser without having to diet.

  4. iron eh... i take b12 though i take it on occasion.. because i forget about it.. lol

    ashley better not be having babies.. or ill hurt tyler! lol :P


  5. Cute, cute, cute. Both of them are equally adorable. I'm not much help...sorry. Sounds like you will be quite busy for the next few weeks :-)

  6. Hi Tracy..I only see one image, but it sure is cute! How fun for you to create baby boy things, your husbands, nephews, wife will love it! Whew..that was a mouthful! ;)

    Thanks for commenting on my digi 2 pager, I've been dabbling in digi for a few months, but this was my first 2 page layout using a template and it took me a few frustrating moments to figure out how to get rid of the words that were in the photo spots, duh..I had to hide that specific layer! lol...live and learn!

    Have fun at the baby shower and post a pic of the diaper cake and card!! Can't wait to see it!

  7. Can't wait to see your baby projects. They both look great but I think I like the first one best.

  8. I like them both...but I think I like the one with white wheels better...I also like that that one has a dark center on the spots! But both are great!

    I got my images from you last week...and have already colored a couple (and one even already made it onto a card!)...it was so fun to get the envelope in the mail! Thanks!

  9. Beautiful colouring, I can't pick one! Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!

  10. Um, I think I like the first one better. A baby shower would be so fun to make stuff for! Especially for a boy. Can't wait to see the diaper cake and all the other goodies!

  11. Great coloring Tracy! I think they are both perfect, so I'd flip a coin. :) I know, way to waffle. hee-hee! I'm proud of myself for closing out a bunch of little card projects that have been hanging over me. Of course a couple were Halloween and Christmas, but maybe I'll be ready this year. LOL!

  12. Thanks for the shout-out! :)

    If I had to choose, I'd say I like the coloring on the first image best....there are more highlights, so it looks more dimensional to me.

    So glad you are enjoying the freebies! I've got to get to work on more drawn images - all I've done lately is a bunch of WordArt.

  13. Great baby buggy images. Great colouring. Hope you are having a great week.
    Your heart album looks very awesome too.
    I am not a person that works well under pressure, so kudos to you. I like to be organized and have things done well in advance
    I have been MIA as I worked the last 2 days.
    Had the kids over to dye Easter eggs today and play outside for a few minutes.

  14. I took mom shopping for fun stuff and some groceries :0) As far as the above images, I like the first one better :0) It seems a little lighter! Hugs!!!!


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