Thursday, April 21, 2011

A beautiful mini from Pea, some Copics with my Peeps

Today was an excellent day. How could it not have been. I found a penny, picked it up and then all day I had good luck :)  Well actually my SIL, Sharon found it and told me to pick it up.
We went over the border today to pick up some parcels.
I phoned and they told me I had 3 parcel's in, not 4. Grrr, I didn't want to go until all the parcel's were there.
Checked my tracking # and it finally showed that it was we were on our way.
When we got there, the lady told me I had only 3 parcels. When I told her that my tracking # said it was in. She wanted to check the tracking #. Well of course I left it at home.
She looked in the back and found my package.
Which I am so thankful for as this is what was in it.
Pea sent me some wonderful happy mail, and this beautiful, stunning mini album. Thank you so much Pea, I am in awe of your talent.
My daughter's ordered 2 video games. And here is my other parcel I was waiting for.
Look at those beautiful colours.
Oh you need a better look? So happy to share with you :)
I love colour. This is like two handfuls of happiness to me.
I was worried about paying duty. I have never picked up my parcel's in the US, so I was not sure on the charge.
As it turned out we got a cute customs officer who explained to me that first we have to have a receipt to prove how much the contents were. I told him we didn't open up the packages and not sure if there is a receipt.
He said what they do is if you have no proof of price, you have to leave the parcel there, then go home and get the receipt (probably print off the computer as it is a online order) come back show the receipt and then take your parcel.
Luckily he let us because I'm cute and was playing ditsy (that was the words of my SIL Sharon, lol) I think it was because I only gave him the price of the video games....I kind of forgot about the price of the Copics...ooops ;)

Look what I had tonight:)
I love Peeps. Well, really I like any treats with marshmallow :)
They are lined up like waiting for the eating squad.
Look this little guy is in tears because he knows whats going to happen to him...yumm.
Thankful Thursday:
I enjoyed my last Pilates class tonight.
I have Pea as sweet friend that sent me this beautiful album that is so personal and stunning
All the treats that Pea sent me
Enjoyed lunch with my daughter and SIL Sharon

What are you thankful for today?



  1. ah Tracy, you are so cute. I was very touched by your response. I am grateful that it all made it in one piece. you are sweet.
    The magnolia ink mag found on friday after all day with mom at hospital. It was the only copy and knew you would love that one. I will pick up next one for you if they ever get more in.
    Thank you again for your gushing compliments. For the record second mini, first from scratch. Other was a premade shape book.

  2. pass the peeps chick! One of the few things on the planet I can have on this special diet. LOL

  3. wow your copics looks so great! someone is going to be having some fun coloring!

    pea's mini looks great!

  4. All those Copics look like lots of fun! But it's the Peeps that get me really excited - I love them! My mom usually brings me some for Easter, hope she doesn't forget! I open mine and let them get a little stale before I eat them.

  5. Oh my goodness Tracy, that mini album from Pea is really something else! Thank you for sharing it with us! I've never been a huge peep fan, but I do enjoy the marshmallow eggs covered in chocolate! Enjoy your new Copics!

  6. the copic colors you chose. Can't wait to see some new colored images.

  7. oh, my goodness Tracy! what a awesome package you receive--i of course love every one of those items you receive. ou have a wonderful friend, Pea for making you that special album. It is so beautiful! Enjoy your new copics adn peeps. lol you're making me wanting to go out and get copics for myself. lol

  8. "The eating squad"....HAHAHAHA!! LOVE IT!!

  9. i havent been to the states for a day trip since near christmas with crystal.. i shall do that again sometime soon! i always enjoy rydens.

  10. What a truly beautiful RAK! You made me choke up with your response. I could never eat that peep with the tear I would feel so bad, I'm sure my kids wouldn't care lol. I just bought some chocolate peeps with chocolate dipped bottoms for their easter baskets. Boy, I hope they share!

    Oh btw, the machine in the photo is a Pazzles. It cuts thicker material than the cricut like chipboard and other stuff and they had a great deal going on so I took the plunge. Now I just have to figure out make the cut!

  11. Wow, what a beautiful album Pea made for you. Enjoy your new copics.

  12. Unbelievable! WOW! Pea is an awesome mini album maker! (and very inspiring!)

  13. Ah, more Copics! I'd love to get some more colors of those. Have fun coloring! :)

  14. Quite the collection! Isn't it great to get personalized gifts?

  15. Gorgeous mini album you got as a gift, there! Pea is very talented!

    Gotta love those copics!!! Yum!!!

    Did you know they make those peeps at a factory just about 15 minutes from my house? :)

  16. Happy Friday, Tracy
    That is such a gorgeous mini album that Pea made you. She is such a talented gal. '
    Glad all your packages arrived and you could get them picked up. Lots of Copics to colour with now.
    I am not a Peep person, but my girls and grandkids sure are. Cait asked me to pick up some and also some Cadbury eggs to put in the freezer until she comes home.
    Cooked our Easter dinner today for Kirsten and Tim and the kids since we are all scheduled to work the weekend.
    Kirsten said the mall parking was filled with Canadian cars--they are all down here shopping since everything is closed in Canada this weekend.
    Had 2 calls from Curtis today. The weekends are long for him, when he is gone. At least I have Kirsten and the little ones around.
    Have a blessed Easter weekend with your family.


  17. Ohh... looks like lots of goodies. Jealous!

    Oh.. and Peeps.. mmmm.

  18. Tracy,
    You certainly did get some goodies, I love them all
    (even the peeps)


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