Friday, April 8, 2011

A card, some shopping and a scary mess

Tonight was Friday Night Scrap booking. Sharon came of course, but so did Myra. We had some laughs and actually got a lot accomplished. Because last Friday I didn't get any of my Project 365 done, I had two weeks to do tonight...and I am happy to report I am once again caught up :) I thought I would share with you a card I made. I love this little stamp. Isn't she adorable. I paper pieced her kimono and belt. The sun is coloured with ink on photo (or glossy) paper. I then cut the circle out and put the red sun behind it. I mentioned that I went on a little shopping spree the other day. Well here is what I picked up at my LSS. 2 Spellbinders dies, some tape for my ATG and this adorable stamp. I was shocked and happy with the price of this stamp. In the States I paid $14.00 for a Magnolia stamp and this one (I know it's not Magnolia) I paid $6.99. I think I may go and pick up a few more, if they have some more cute one's in stock. I picked up some beads at the dollar store and google eyes. Heather said the ones I had on my owl card weren't big enough. Then I went to Jingles.....I mean Jangles and picked up some more beading supplies. I put one of my charms I made on my cell phone, but had to use an old wrist band thingy to attach it to. So the girl at Jangles showed me these cute loop things I could use instead. I was thrilled....told you its the small things that make me happy :) I thought I would share with you (again) my work area. Yup, it gets this bad. I seem to bring some of my supplies upstairs, run down to emboss or whatever and then just drop everything in the room. Ohhh I even took my cuttlebug down before I took this picture.Ohh see that card on the brown fabric? This was the card I posted yesterday. This is how I take pictures of my finished projects. Pretty sad eh? LOL. Now doesn't that look all nice and clean? Its all ready for me tomorrow when I can (hopefully) spend a few hours in there creating. I have Hubby's old laptop in the corner, which I have just started watching movies on. His laptop doesn't get Internet or anything like that, so it suits me just fine. Onto My Day:

Wayne drove Kristy to school this morning, so I just got to laze in bed, so nice. I stayed home most of the day, and cleaned the scrap/craft room. As you can see it took a while, teehee. Hubby went down and plugged in the heater. And came up to inform me that I may want to tidy up before Sharon came. Thought it was sweet that he wanted it warm in there for us. But because Myra came we went to the dinning room table as there really isn't enough room for more then two. See I do need to take over the Rec Room :)

Hope you have an excellent weekend and got to create today :)



  1. Lol, love the mess! I cleaned up my 'temporary' work area last night but, my two neighbor girls came over to cut out paper dolls and now it's pretty messy again :0) I wish I had a regular scrap night with someone! I lose interest really fast on some projects because I get bored talking to myself, hee hee :0) Love the Michael's bag lining your trash bin! Hope you have a crafty weekend! I'm going to try :0)

  2. Brave girl! I would die if you all saw my mess.LOL
    It is exploding ninjas in there and missing trolls. LOL
    Cute goodies from the stamp store. Love spellbinders dies. Some of my favorites.
    I take pics on my dinning room table cause of the mess.
    Talk to ya later gator.
    have a creative weekend.

  3. I worked a little on my scrap desk last night. Putting stuff away and going through old mail. Guess what else I found? Magazines! lol! But these were issues that a friend gave me. Going to finish this morning as it should only take me another few minutes, then I can scrapbook!

    I have resorted to taking pics on fabric just like that. Except it's usually on my bedroom dresser. (Yes, right now it's bad.) Well, gotta go clean. Have a great weekend! :-)

  4. looks like you got some great goodies! how fun!

    love your desk now! you now have to task to make it messy again while you are creating! love making a mess!

  5. Your funny Tracy with your before pic, now I dont feel so bad posting mine a while ago ehehe, saturday here and was well enough to get stuck into the housework which also meant cleaned my studio as well for some card fun tomorrow, have so many ideas running around and still have some new stamps to try out.

    Ohh you must have laughed really ahrd when I asked you beofre how yout ake such good pics now that you have shown your secrets lol, love it.

    I took some yesterday and put some cards on the white leather lounge in the formal living room and pulled the curtains right back and had full sun, they came out so good, will have to post. Played with them on photoshop and was very happy, Think I will need to go re photograph all my cards for sale again.

    Have a great day

  6. Looks like you got a nice stash of new goodies to play with!! Enjoy your weekend, girl!

  7. I love that card! I love that brown fabric too!

  8. I always love when my space is all clean. Why can't it always be like that?! :) Sounds fun to scrap with some friends. Have a nice weekend!

  9. I love that little stamp. I never have figured out paper piecing. Maybe some day! Love your goodies and seeing your desk, messy and clean :)

  10. Oh yay, I am not the only messy crafter!mine is messier than ever as everything is moved from my craft space and I really have no storage and like to keep everything "within reach"! I love the sweet little girl with the paper pieced kimono. I NEED a stamp like that, lol! Show us the charms that you have made!

  11. Tracy, thanks for visiting my blog. I love the "before" photo of your work space; you would be right at home in my stamp room. :-) Hope winter hurries up and leaves Canada, but ike you, I have a heater in my basement craft space.


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