Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Card..can you believe it !

I actually made a card today. I was planning this card for a while now. I coloured "Tink with my Stampin' Up markers. I didn't have the correct colours to use. Yup I need more, lol. This is a large card. Its 5 1/4x 6 7/8. I can't find an envelope big enough. Guess I should rethink my sizes of cards. I popped Tinkerbell and the sentiment up with foam tape. I inked around everything. First I inked it with Lipstick, but that was tooo bright of a pink, so I used the Brick red, then Walnut stain. I really like the effect. Here is the inside. I embossed the flourish. This stamp reminds me of Cinderella's carriage. Its so pretty, I love it. The top and bottom flourish are the same colour, believe it or not, its just my photography :) Onto my day: Stayed home most of the day. I did some paper work, like get our income taxes all ready to be mailed out. Watched the neighbour plow his driveway. He is giving his little one a ride on the quad. He gives her a little ride then she plays in the snow as he plows the heavy snow. He is such a good dad. I look like a stalker, don't I. Took a nap before my Reformer class tonight. My friend Lynn wasn't able to come tonight. So it was solo for me. Mind you the class was almost full. Did a bit of running around. Thats about it. Even though it doesn't seem like I did a lot today, the day seemed to run away from me.
Proud Tuesday:

I made a card.
Figured out how to resize on the computer, it only took me 20 minutes :)
Went to my Reformer Class
Picked up persians, well it may not be something to be proud of, but it put a smile on my daughter's faces :)
I walked around the house while I was talking on the phone....what? Thats excersice ;)
So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Oh My Gosh!!! You seriously colored Tinkerbell! That is so awesome. I love the way it turned out :0) You definitely did Tink justice Tracy, great job!

    And yes...I too consider walking around the house while talking on the phone a form of exercise :0D

    I've been working on my mini about me, way excited to get it done to show :0)


  2. Very cute Tink card--Harlee would love it. Her favourite is Ariel. I just got her the new Tangled movie.
    You still have significant snow-wow!!!! Although we have more predicted for Thursday. Where the heck is spring?
    I got to work today and now off until Sunday. Not very babies in the NICU.

  3. Such an adorable card! I make some of them really big, too....but I've found Staples carries some large greeting card sized envies, and I stock up on those! (You've gotta watch the postage, though!)

    I can't believe you still have that much snow!! ICK!!!

  4. Wow! You guys still have snow?! Yikes!! great Tinkerbell card!

  5. Love how your card is cute and beautiful at the same time! You did an awesome job coloring Tinkerbell, and I love how the motif of flourishes and curves echoes throughout the card. So pretty! (and p.s. regarding walking around whilst talking on the phone - I often get up and walk back and forth across the room or do squats when I watch Tivo'd favorite shows! I think it burns up more calories than sitting so that counts as exercise!)

  6. Oh gosh Tracy, This is too *Tinking* cute;)
    I love it and the way you did the brick and walnut stains too. Mahogany probably would have been the perfect color. I don't have that one either.
    Didn't do anything today but finish one page of my mini. Not feeling well today at all.
    Love the card. I think I need to play with stamped images.;)
    Have a great week.

  7. Love the card! Great job! Sure wish I could color and ink as well as you. :-) We did our taxes as well and I burned dinner. Ugh! Now I really need to make it to Thunder Bay for one of those Persians. Yum!

  8. great card! tinnker bell is so cute! great job!

  9. This is SUCH a cute card!!!!!

  10. I bet Schell loves that card! ;) Awesome job on the coloring! I made a card last night but am not happy with the way it turned out so it's back to the drawing board today! I love the picture of your neighbor, so cute!

  11. Ohhhh, my daughter would LOOOOVE that Tink card! You did a fabulous job on it & definitely something to be proud of!

    For me, I was proud that I walked 4 miles in an hour & I was able to buckle my belt one more notch in & it's still not tight! woo hoo! I got a scrapbook page done, two days in a row and used OLD product-yeah! & I ate a cucumber with the skin on for an evening snack with no dip. Still working on getting more organized.

  12. Pretty card. I love the flourishes.

  13. Super cute card!

  14. love that you got to create a card and the inside is craftilicious, I must steal this idea, tfs

  15. Love the card!! And I'm still jealous over the snow you are getting :-)

  16. could you send this card to a friend of mine - she is Tinkerbell mad LOL

    very sweet

  17. A magical creation Tracy, fabulous image and wonderful colouring.

    Now your next step is to start entering your lovely cards into challenges.

    Check them out here - http://www.felineplayful.blogspot.com/

    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. Love the card! Love the looks of those Persian things too. Yummo! I'm proud that I got to walk around on my right foot. I fell yesterday, and I mean FELL HARD. Today I feel like I was in a car accident. Geesh I'm getting old.

  19. I like the effect on the sentiment, too. I'm proud of taking my husband's suggestion and using some of the cards I made last weekend as models for my card class so I didn't have to design new ones on a deadline. And I'm very happy he noticed what I did and thought to suggest it!

  20. Oh my gosh I have to do the taxes thing too! Very pretty card (and I always base my cards on the size envelope that I have! :-).

  21. Love, love, love your Tinkerbell card :-) Great photo of your neighbor and his daughter having fun in the snow :-)

    What is the "Reformer Class"?


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