Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs in a Nest.

Today is going to be a short post, surprise ;)
We had our turkey dinner tonight. Just me, Hubby, our girls and their boyfriends. I just wanted to keep it simple. Good thing to, as I had no energy today. I took two naps (mind you one of them was about 5 minutes long, lol). Hubby went out and when he came home he asked Kristy where I was. She told him, I put her down for a nap about 2 minutes ago, lol. Well that was better then putting me out to pasture :)
I didn't get to create today.
Well I guess I did. I made these eggs in a nest. I saw them on another blog ( I searched but can't find who it was) and thought they were adorable. I make these chow mien noodle treats at Christmas, but never thought to put the tiny eggs in them to look like nests. How cute eh?
Ashley took this photo for me with her phone. I'm impressed.
Mind you I did have better formed nests ;)
I think I want to try them with the coconut balls and form them into nests.

I did spent today looking through the mini Pea gave me and the Magnolia magazine. The cards in there are just so cute. I think I may have to scrap lift some of them ;)

Well I am off to bed soon, unless I get a second wind, which seems to happen to me.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.



  1. That nest is so cute! Bet it tastes yummy too :0) Hope you have more energy soon. Have a great weekend! And if you celebrate it Happy Easter! Hugs!!!!

  2. I used to love these, any chance I can get the recipe??
    Melissa D

  3. That comment about "putting you out to pasture" cracked me up. :-D
    I swear, I've been feeling like being put out to pasture lately. I think because spring is taking it's sweet old time getting here.

    That treat looks yummy! Do you mind sharing the recipe? Would love to make this.

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

  4. aww.. eggs in a nest are cute! I did think I was going to see a picture of some robin eggs tho. lol

  5. i wants turkey!! :)

    i also love the eggs in the nest idea.. its too cute! i may steal it

  6. Such a cute little nest! Love the idea!
    And the tiny eggs are so adorable! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. your eggs in the nest is just so cute! love it! remember when your body says rest you need t rest and take care of yourself!

  8. Eggs in the nest looks delicious!

  9. Don't feel about about the napping, when we got home from the store tonight I told Mike I was too tired to get out of the car so he left me there and I think I dozed off! Hee hee! Love your nests, so adorable and I think the girls would love them! I think even if you aren't "physically" crafting, "thinking" about crafting counts :) Your dinner sounds wonderful and just perfect with the girls and their boyfriends :)

  10. Cute eggs in a nest--hope they are yummy.
    Hope you get re-energized soon.
    Canceled from work this morning.
    We had our ham dinner last evening-pretty yummy.
    Now I have leftovers for the week.
    Hope you get to create soon.


  11. Tracy,
    This is super cute. Great job


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