Friday, April 1, 2011

Huh? Who Knew...not me.

Remember yesterday I accepted this award? Well I forgot to mention that I also received it from Cheryl. Cherly made her 1st mini album is is so pretty, you should check it out. I won't bore you with the 7 things about me today ;) I received my images from an image swap that I was in. It was just brought to my attentions that there are concerns about swapping stamped and digi images. Something about the copyright. I can somewhat understand the reasons. But I am not selling my cards or anything else I make with these images. Just wanted to clear that part up :) Onto My day: I took Kristy to the doctor today as her shoulder has been really sore. So they took x-ray's hoping to see something. Hopefully it is just a real sore muscle. Then came home and worked. I so want to colour in some of my new images. Sharon came by for Scrap booking. We made a quick trip to Michael's, as they were suppose to revamp their scrap area. I wasn't that impressed. I did make a tag...oh I should have taken a photo. Well I guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. Hope you all had a creative day :) Tracy


  1. Hope Kristy is feeling better.
    Michael's here is getting a bunch of new stuff and the Tim Holtz papers went on clearance along with a bunch of stuff.
    They have the vagabond and I want it but already have the big shot. So I am behaving myself but I can use the coupon with it and it is soooo tempting.
    Have a great weekend Tracy. Congrats on the award.

  2. Hi Tracy, Hope your daughter is feeling better, I got that ribbon from Ribbon Revelry in the US. She was on my Alphabotts FB site and had some amazing ribbons that I cant get here so did an order.
    Have a great day, Wendy

  3. if your Michaels revamp is anything likes ours - it seems less manufacturer product and more Michaels brand product!

  4. Tracy, I can't get Cheryl's link to work. Congratulations on the award.

  5. I hope Kristy's shoulder is okay. Our Michael's just opened, wonder if they'll revamp the scrapbook section too? Knowing Michaels, probably :)

  6. Congrats on the award! Digi images are a no-no as far as swapping goes. Hand-stamped images are a grey area. Some say it's like sharing a book...someone else reads it but didn't pay for it....and others say no. When in doubt, always check the angel policy for each company. Many rubber stamp companies allow personal swaps on a small scale. Digis - never.

  7. I sure hope Kristy's shoulder turns out to be nothing too serious :0) Just to let you know, all of the images I have for you, all ready to go even , are stamped by me not digital :0) You didn't get any of mine in the swap :0(


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