Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I feel like dancing ;)

Don't these things make you smile. Every time we drive by this, I laugh and dance in my seat right along with him. Yup my kids think I'm a little crazy, but that's OK. My daughter's say to me "You really like that guy don't you"? My answer is "Who wouldn't"? LOL Onto My Day:

This morning I had an appointment with my cardiologist. He went over my blood work.

Iron= non existent. It doesn't even register in the chart. Cholesterol= elevated. Blood Pressure= too high. Heart=is still screwed up, lol.

Then I went to my Local Scrapbooking Store. She doesn't open until 12:00, it was 11:30, grrr.

Then went and visited Ashley at work to see if she wanted to go for an early lunch. No she likes to take a later lunch and she wasn't feeling up to it. Crazy I know. I would have jumped at the chance for a free lunch.

So came home and cleaned a tad. Checked my email and got this message on my YouTube channel on my pink mini, mini album.

Bibsy: Sometimes less is more. TracysTreasures24: Meaning????? ;) Bibsy: Each to their own of course but I find that what is made here is over done, fussy and clearly not to my taste. You could probably have made two or three from the amount of stuff you have used on this one. You have no need to take offence. Its an opinion.

I am thinking Bibsy should have probably taken her advise and kept her opinion to a less. I don't understand why these people sit through a whole video and then leave a not so nice comment. They really do have to much time on their hands. If you don't like something......don't watch it.

Then I decided to colour a few images....wasn't happy with the results.

But my day wasn't all bad...I got some happy mail from Natalie. Nat and I did a tag swap. If you want to see the goodies she sent me just click on her name :)

Well that all she wrote folks. Hope you got to create today:)



  1. Some people find it easier to put down your talent than to try and use their sad. I feel sorry for people like that....but agree that they should their rude comments to themselves. Glad it didn't ruin your day :)

  2. I personally loved you pink mini mini. It was to my taste. How rude of her. Do you think her mom never told her if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all?

  3. Well, if that wasn't a sucky thing to have to read!! If that was supposed to be constructive criticism....ouch. "Clearly not to my taste" ...what a goon. As if you're making things to suit others' tastes! You make them because they appeal to you! If others like them - great...and if not, too bad.

  4. P.S. your doctor's appointment sounds like it didn't go too well! Take care of yourself, woman. Don't make me come up there and force those iron pills down your throat. :)

  5. oh tracy sorry not a nice day for you either. yes, I don't get people who just have to be nasty. Just feel sorry for them. To live through life with such a negative attitude that all you can do to make yourself feel better is to cut other down but be very lonely.
    My Mom told me if you can't say something nice keep your bleeping mouth shut!
    Yea and what Marlene said too. Don't like the way it looks pick a new direction and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out! LOL Now I am gonna be singing Bon Jovi all night- HEY HAVE A NICE DAY BIPSY!!

    Hugs my friend and I like those silly things too.

  6. hope you have a fantastic day today!

    hope you are feelling well! take good care of yourself. put yourself first ( i know that is hard for moms but sometimes you need too).

  7. Tracy there are "guys" like that here in Brazil....but not too tall :) I like them too...they called "biruta" meaning: "crazy" :)
    Take care of yourself!!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  8. Tracy,
    Sorry to hear about the comment left on your mini. Some people, I tell ya.
    Make sure you continue to have check ups at the doctor.
    I also dance to what my husband calls "The air man" lol

  9. Tracy, what a crazy person, we all like feedback but to be just rude is a bit full on. She is plainly jealous of your talent and stuff....Dam iron levels being low sucks big time, I have the same issue and have iron infusions which suck and I cant take iron tablets :-(. At least you seem to have some energy,

    Coloured an image today of two old ladies and when I finshed they looked like they had been on the booze and had a hard night lol, yep need to try that one again. hehehe Have a good day, Wendy

  10. Those dancing air men are just mesmerizing to me. I've been known to sit through a stop light because I've been starring at them! :) Hope things get figured out on the health front. As for the snarky Bipsy, she must lead a sad life to put forth that much negativity. Boo for her. I believe you get back what you put out ;) Have a wonderful day my friend! (ps I would have jumped at the chance for a free lunch a well)

  11. That's crazy. Whatever happened to if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

    We have been doing meat free, mostly dairy free as well because my husband had similar test results. In just a few weeks his results have improved. Hoping that will keep us motivated to stick with it! But I sure do miss cheese. :(

  12. ugh--so sorry to hear about the rude comment. personally, I love your mini!!! Take care of yourself!!!


  13. How rude of that person! I second (and third!) the comment that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything! I love your crafts...and you know you have a big fan base! LOL! Keep up with doing just what you do, just how you want to do it!

  14. LOL Some people are amazing! I too wonder why people tend to sit through an entire video or read a blog to leave negative one is forcing you to watch or read these things :)

    I am with you on the dancing guys! They always make me smile!!

  15. Blow 'er off. I get some inane comments about things on my blog (most times they have nothing to do with my cards!). Ugh. Just hang with the cool people (like me! Ha!).

  16. I am so sorry you had a rough day with the doctor's appointment and that mean comment. I love your work and think it is beautiful. Also start eating more broccoli and your veggies to start getting that iron count higher. ((((Hugs)))

  17. Hi Tracy,
    Put that nasty comment right out of your head, I haven't seen your pink mini but i'll tell you this, I have loved all your creations Tracy. Some people just can't help themselves and like to hurt others.

    So sorry things didn't go too well at the Doctors. I hope you'll be OK, take care.
    Tracy x

  18. I hope your appointment next time is a lot better! I don't need you going anywhere anytime soon :0) And I don't understand people sometimes either...some "opinions" need to be kept to those who have them. I love your little pink mini mini!!!!! Muah! Bug Hugs!

  19. Sorry about that comment--it's funny how one negative comment can drown out a hundred positive ones, right? i also will never understand why people use their precious time to write nasty things on the internet. I love your stuff:)

  20. I heartily agree with everyone else that has commented on the gremlin who left such a nasty comment. Just be thankful you don't have to spend much time with that person. Sad how they work overtime at trying to drag everyone down to their level. You keep doing what you do and move on. Personally, I love your work and I enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos. There are more of us than of the other, we'll gather round you :-)

    You are too funny, dancing in your seat at that air things. I hope the doctors can determine why your iron levels are non existent...that is kind of scary.


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