Friday, April 29, 2011

Its a Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake complete :)
I am very happy with how it turned out. I had some issues with the banner. I wanted it to swoop around the cake like icing, but I didn't like the look of it.
 Here is the making of the cake. You roll your diaper and then put an elastic around each diaper. Then Put an elasic around the bundle. I then tightly wrapped and tied the blue party ribbon around the stacks and took out the elastics. I thought that the mom wouldn't want to fuss with all those elastics when needing the diapers.
 Then I wrapped each tier with tulle and then ribbon.
 Hard to believe a pack of diapers can look so pretty decorated. I first put this lamb on the top of the cake, then Kristy put one of the diaper cupcakes on the top, and I liked that better.
Here is the banner that was giving me the trouble. As you can see I put flowers on the tiers. I wasn't going to, but Ashley informed me, that if you purchase a cake from the bakery they have flowers on the baby boy cakes. So I figured it was okay for me to do the same ;)
 After making the diaper cake, I had 3 diapers left.

When I went to bed last night, the idea of making diaper cupcakes popped into my head. I lay there thinking of ways on how to make the icing part. I couldn't fall asleep until I tried one. Plus I was scared I would forget the idea in the morning. I had to get up and try one out.
 I think they turned out pretty cute :)
Onto My Day:
Most of my day was spent running around.
Spent 1/2 hour trying to fish my key from in between the house and our cement stairs. Yup, locked out of the house and groceries in the jeep.
I had to get some things for the prizes for the baby shower.
Finished up the Diaper Cake.
Sharon came by for Scrapbooking tonight. We ended making the gifts for the prizes for the games, a door prize and a little treat for each guest.
I will share those tomorrow.

Hope you were able to get some creative time in today :)



  1. That is way too cute! Can't wait to see more of your baby shower goodies! :o)

  2. Very cute! Looking forward to seeing the other treats!

  3. You did an awesome job on the cake. And the cupcake idea was just genius. I wonder, does anyone use cloth diapers anymore? I am back to blogging, again and finally. Perhaps I should make that a future post, cloth vs. disposable...LOL.

  4. How sweet! You did an awesome job! I would have never thought of putting tulle around the cake. How creative! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. The diaper cake looks fabulous.

  6. That is such a fun idea! I love the diaper cupcakes! It turned out so cute. :)

  7. Great Job on the diaper cake. Your little cupcakes look awesome! This project kept you busy. Is the shower today?


  8. Tracy, you did it! Your diaper cake turned out beautifully!! I love the little cupcakes! I'm sure the everyone will love it!

  9. Wow!!! That diaper cake looks amazing. You are so talented :-) I never would have thought of that!

  10. The diaper cake turned out so cute! Love the idea of diaper cupcakes, so smart you are! Dropping your key like that sounds like something I would do!

  11. oh, mine so cute!!!! ;you will have to do tutorial on how you made the cupcake so cute!!1

  12. Fantastic job! You are so insanely creative!

  13. Wow - your diaper cake turned out awesome!

    So how did you get those keys out? I'm guessing there were no coat hangers

  14. Tracy,
    Wow, this turned out fantastic. You did a fantastic job

  15. Great job on the diaper cake! It looks awesome.


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