Friday, April 15, 2011

Long overdue Mini Album

I have changed my blog with an updated version, lets hope I like it. I have noticed lately that when I have been posting my sentences are either all jammed up or there are major spaces between them. It never looks like how I typed it.
I noticed though that before when I posted more then one picture, the first one I posted usually was the last one that appeared. Not with this new version. 1st one I post was the first on the blog post.
As I type this I do notice that the font is smaller....don't like that, hope it changes when I post.

I did a give away with a twist on my YouTube channel in February as that was my 1 year Anniversary on YouTube.
The twist was I made a kit for the winner and one for myself. Then we were to both make a mini and see the difference in the two.  Doreen won my give away.
Well I just started on mine. Told you I would win the World's #1 Procrastinator award ;)
One of the reasons (because I really do need an excuse) it has taken me so long is because I only had one Heart Chipboard album. So I had to cut out mine.
Well I haven't finished it.....but I did start it.
Here is the cover.
 I am only going to use what is in the kit I supplied. But I am giving myself the use of punches, stamps and inks. So these flowers are all hand made with my punches with the papers supplied. I punched the greenery out of the pattern paper and used the back of the paper and inked it as there was no green in the kit.
 The white heart is from the heart doilies. I cut the center out, then lightly inked the edges. The white under the middle sized flowers are from parts of the insides of the doilies.
Oh I did bind it with my Bind It All..that was not included in the kit ;)
 Yesterday I received some Happy mail from Natalie. Natalie and I decided to do a tag swap. As you can see she sent more than a tag. You can check out my Happy Mail. Her tag is beautiful. I love the charm and she inked that lace, its just beautiful.
Onto My Day:

I made my mom's Sweet and Sour spare ribs for supper tonight. Ohhh so delish. Funny how it still doesn't taste as good as my mom's did though. It was still pretty darn good though.
Heather and I did a few errands.
We went and picked up some girly things...feminine products. That is the only thing I bought in Shoppers. I paid and then the lady left her till. She didn't even give me a bag.
We walk out of the store and I say to Heather.....Well this isn't very discrete is it...hey everyone, I'm on my period.  She laughed so hard.
Then we go to Arby's to order lunch to take home to eat. I stopped at a green light.
Heather says Hey Mom Focus.
I tell her. I keep thinking of that chicken sandwich, I haven't had one for about 5 yrs.
Heather says, You Thinking Arby's.... You have the hat on. LOL.
Maybe you had to be there, but we sure had a good laugh.

Well tonight was Scrap booking Night. Sharon made some more Christmas cards...I think she is good for the next 3 years.
I started the mini album.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend.
I plan on staying in and creating and watching movies. It's suppose to be a cold weekend again....maybe some more snow  :(



  1. Love the mini! Hope you don't get anymore snow.

  2. Beautiful mini album! Can't wait to get a look inside. :)

  3. Can't wait to see more of your mini, so pretty love that flower. I love moments of laughter like that but I know what you mean they are hilarious to you and when you tell it, it;s not so funny tee hee. x have a good weekend

  4. your mini is looking great! can't wait to see more!

    hope you have a great weekend

  5. You've gotten a good start to your mini, can't wait to see how it looks when your finished. Great happy mail, got to love all that trim.

  6. Beautiful cover to your album. Looks like you have lots of pretty goodies to put in it, too. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Love the front of your mini. How fun to have someone else make the same mini and see the results of different styles and tastes.

    Well, the new Arby's campaign jingle is "Good Mood Food" and so I guess you fit right in yesterday :-) as you concentrated on getting your hands on that chicken sandwich.

  8. Love your album and the vintage key!!!Perfect job!!! new follower~would love for you to visit my blog ~I have a key project on also!!

  9. I like all your work! I should really stop procrastinating and do my art work lol

  10. Love your cover. It would be so hard to stick to just what's in the kit but kind of a fun challenge for yourself at the same time. Awesome job cutting that out BTW. It's cold again here too. Last weekend it was up near 90 and last night down in the lower thirties. Bah! Hope you get lots of crafting done!

  11. I so love the cover of your mini!I have some projects in my brain that I will hopefully get to start today :0) I just hope they turn out like I picture them ;0) I love Arby's! I've never had their chicken sandwich before though. Happy Crafting this weekend! Hugs !!!!

  12. I love the cover of your mini and all the handmade flower details.

  13. Tracy,
    I can't wait to see more of your mini, the cover is gorgeous

  14. love your mini! i should do one for myself. I have butterfly chipboard that I could do. After the kids get better first, and i need to finish other projects before working on the mini lol

  15. Blog looks fine - don't really notice a change if you changed something....of course, it looked fine to me before,

    Your mini is adorable!

    Sure hope you enjoyed that chicken sandwich!

  16. Hope you are having a great weekend, Tracy and that it isn't too cold or snowy.
    Your mini book looks great-look forward to seeing more. I really love the cover.
    I am not creating this weekend-I am in Idaho Falls spending the weekend here with Curtis. Heading home tomorrow morning-about a 5 hour drive. Have done a little shopping and Curtis and I went to a movie(Rio) this afternoon.

  17. Oh girl friend, You work so fast. I wish. Maybe with practice. You can do such beautiful work with so little. Don't know how you do it? It is looking very fine indeed.:)
    I posted a cover picture of your mini. It goes out first thing Monday. I hope it gets there wed. It should if all goes well. I will get DC to track it. That should help.
    Hope your weekend is creative.


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