Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mini Finished, video to follow

Well I have finished Matthew's baby boy mini album tonight!!!
It didn't turn out how I had expected, but that seems to happen more times then not, lol.
I wasn't planning on this mini being cutesie.....well that is how it turned out :)
I am still happy with it.
Here is a page from the book.

 Here is another page. Beside this page is the baby certificate I got Kristy to make for me.
I will make a video of the mini tomorrow.
Onto my Day:
Finishing the mini album.
And making supper, yup that is about it.
Off to have my last glass of pop. I have to get a Stress Test done on Thursday and am not allowed to drink pop, coffee, tea or have any chocolate for 24 hours. Coffee and Tea no problem...but the pop and chocolate, well I think I have to get someone to hide them on me ;)
Project for tomorrow....Diaper Cake :)

Proud Tuesday:
Finished Matthew's Mini Album
I feel like I can accomplish my goals.
Cleaned up the living room after the mess I made making this mini :)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Ohhhh no not the chocolate, i would be in withdrawls...TFS, can't wait to see the video, i really want to make a onesie baby mini, i have no idea how though...www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com

  2. This is so stinkin cute! Love what youve shared with us.

  3. Lovin' this mini! Can't wait to see the video :0) My proud moment for the day was volunteering in 4th grade for a little while! Hope you can handle the no chocolate part :0) Hugs!!!!

  4. Very sweet! Good lick with the stress test (and no chocolate!)

  5. It's gorgeous! I'm going to have to do TWO of these soon....tomorrow my great nieces or nephews are being born! (My niece is having her twins tomorrow).

  6. you did a fantastic job on this! good luck at the check up! just relax--right?

  7. Tracy, wishing you all the best for your forthcoming tests.


  8. mmmm diaper cake sounds interesing? can't wait to see the video.
    The mini on my blog is made with the SU envelope die and it measures 3.1/4 by 4.1/2

  9. hello tracy
    we must follow what your heart tells you know when and why change
    I admire your beautiful work
    kiss and nice day!

  10. Tracy,
    I love your page and can't wait to see the mini finished
    Good luck with chocolate and your stress test

  11. It turned out fab! Can't wait to see the video. Good luck with the stess test. I think that not eating chocolate for 24 hours would cause me too much stress! LOL :)

  12. These pages look great! Can't wait for the video and to see the diaper cake! Be strong with the chocolate, you can eat all you want after the appointment :)

  13. Adorable pages. Diaper cakes are so fun. Good luck without chocolate and soda. I am having a really hard time with the soda.

  14. You're stressed because you put way too much effort & awesome details into these mini albums! ;-) JK I hope all goes well for the test. I know you'll survive the test, but not so sure about surviving without pop & chocolate. hee hee! I know all about the chocolate thing, not so much pop for me.

    As far as doing something to make myself proud? hmmmm I ate some fresh asparagus for lunch. I needed that to counter-act the brownies I ate after. ;-)

    Hope all goes well with the test.

  15. looks great, wonderful keepsake. Ohh and the no chocolate , dont come visit us this week then we seem to have way too many easter eggs here, dont know how that happened heheh.
    Thanks for the post on my blog, appreciated it today. Have a good one

  16. I can't wait to see the video! It looks so cute.

    The only thing I can say that I did today that made me proud was that I changed over my closet to spring clothes, did a load of laundry of my kids new clothes and that's about as far as I got.

  17. Awseome! Love this mini! Very cute!

    Have a great day!


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