Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini finished :)

Lots of photo's today as I finished my mini album. I was only going to share a few pages, but am going to do a video for it tomorrow for my YouTube channel, so figured I'd post the whole lot.
This is page 3.
I stickled the bodies of the butterflies and then put some of the sparkle I had in the kit for their heads.
 Next page. I cut the felt flower band apart, and used them individually.
 This is one of my favourite pages. Half of this page is a pocket. I made a large tag to put in it.
 Dimention shot :)
 I wanted to try my hand at this folded page. The bottom flower is holding it closed. I put a magnet on the back of the flower and then on the page, so it is held closed with a magnet.
 Here it is open. I covered the magnet with a punched flower.
 This page is just pretty simple. No bells or whistles on this one.
I hate that my pictures are not showing the colours very well. This looks more of an orangey pink instead of a burgundy pink.
 I made an envelope pocket here. I didn't put an envelope in my kit, so I had to add that one....but I made the rules....I can change them, teehee.
 Here is the envelope pocket opened up. I put three tags in.
 This is the back of the mini album.
I am happy with how it turned out.
I am not a big fan of bulky albums, but I found large coils for my bind it all, so it doesn't seem as bulky.
I should be working on a mini for hubby's baby nephew. I was requested to make one......mind you I was planning on doing one anyway :) Plus I want to do some other fun things for the baby shower :)

Onto My Day:
Watched Zombie movies again all day, and worked on this mini.
Kristy made muffins for lunch and Hubby made supper. Another perfect day :)

Hope your weekend was as creative as mine was.



  1. This is lovely! I love what you did :) Great job and thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute Mini. I really like the page that's half a pocket with the large tag. Great Job!

  3. Now that's pretty craftastatic!

  4. What a beautiful mini! Love all the little details & pockets!

  5. Oh my goodness Tracy! That looks like a lot of work but is it ever gorgeous!! Just love all the details!! Hugs!

  6. Oh My goodness this is so beautiful! I love every page. You do such a wonderful job on all the extra little details.

  7. Truly beautiful! Great work!

  8. The mini looks great, can't wait to see the video.

  9. your mini is so great! such details!!

  10. Tracy,
    What a great mini (as usual)
    It turned out great. I love the colors and I really like the quote

  11. Nice! I've tried doing mini albums but I have trouble with them for some reason. Yours looks really lovely though!

  12. Love your mini. All the details are so pretty.

  13. tracy! what a creative album! it's going to be awesome with the binding in it too!

  14. Boy, mini's are your thing, aren't they? :D You do such creative things with them, no matter what size or shape they are. I'm too lazy to think that hard. LOL!!

    I don't care to make mini's even though I've made at least 5. However, I've decided to make one for my nephew's graduation. It's going to be really simple, even though I keep thinking of more & more things I'd like to incorporate into it. ;-)

  15. Very pretty Tracy! Love the colors and the details, the pockets and tags, all of it is just really pretty!

  16. Love the results of your album! So pretty and girly! I need to make some really girly mini's. I always want to after seeing all of yours :0) Have a great week! Hugs!!!!

  17. Loving all of the pocket and interactive pages! Great job!

  18. As usual your mini is nothing short of amazing! Love it!

  19. It is so beautiful Tracy, I love your mini's.
    Happy cerafting
    Tracy x

  20. The butterflies are beautiful. So much detail you have put on each page. More interactive stuff with the mini squash book and the envelope folder. Tons of things to look at, touch, and play with. Fantastic is all I can say.


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