Thursday, April 14, 2011

My computer has Alzeimers

My laptop is really playing tricks on me...and I don't like tricks. I used it last night and everything was fine. This morning it wouldn't turn on. When I finally got it going. It wouldn't recognize my USB thingy for my mouse. Even when I don't have the mouse stick in, it still says it can't recognize the USB thingy.....GRRR. It remembered last night....bad memory. I hate using the touch pad, it will bring me to the top or bottom of a page, it will erase messages mid way through typing them....Grrrrrr. When Hubby came home from work I got him to check it out. He can't figure it out either. I took Ashley and Heather out for lunch today :) Ashley ordered this cookie with ice cream and whip cream. It came with 3 spoons ;) Onto my day: My day was actually pretty boring. I took a real long nap this morning. Went out for lunch with two of my girls. Kristy was at school. Picked up a few groceries. Went to my Pilate's class. There was only one other lady in class tonight. Came home and started to cut out some chipboard for a mini I plan on making tomorrow. So that's all she wrote folks, hope you had a good day today. PS. Thank you for all your kind words from yesterday. I see blogger is playing tricks on me as well. My posts look all pretty, then when I post the sentences are all squeezed together, or there are major spaces to them. GRRRRR Tracy


  1. Oh boy that looks YUMMY!!!!

    Too bad you don't live close to me. Hubby would have that sucker (the laptop) up and running and behaving like a properly raised little laptop in no time.

  2. yea, I think I will bring my own spoon! LOL
    Spank that lap top! LOL Or maybe a good time out. LOL
    Sorry for the trouble. Oh a new mini? can't wait to see.
    Have a great day sweetie.

  3. Tracy, your day might have been boring, but honestly it sounds like a perfect day! Anyday with a nice long nap in it...and that ice-cream cookie thing, has got to be perfect! I'm sorry for your computer problems, I am such a dork when it comes to computers and I know how frustrating it can be. Hope you can get it figured out soon.

  4. good luck with your computer.

    have a great friday crop! i am going to kit for my class and then kit for my may class. nothing for me-boooo maybe this weekened i can finally work on something for me!

  5. Sorry your having such troubles with your laptop! Hopefully you get it figured out soon.

  6. I'm sure you have already done this, but check for viruses. They are quite sneaky sometimes lying in wait on any ol website, they latch on to some unsuspecting person and bam! they begin to take over your computer. I've had that happen twice. The web host had no clue there was a virus attached to their website. I've also quit opening any and all attachments in my email unless I specifically requested one from a friend, or purchased download files.
    There are really malicious people who are stealing people's emails addys, posing as the real person they send you an attachment-usually a website link to pictures, etc. Once you click the link, they have you. The fact that your computer is having "Alzheimer's" is a pretty good indicator that you have a virus.
    Sorry, didn't mean for this to be so long-hope you get it straightened out soon. BTW, that dessert looks scruptious!

  7. So frustrating when we have computer issues! Mike is my go to guy as well. That desert looks so good! Can't wait to see your mini, even if it's pics of your work in progress!!!

  8. Computers do have minds of their own, I believe it! Hope today is a better day for it :0)

  9. I hate the touch pad too. It is so frustrating to be almost done typing and then lose all or huge chunks of what you wrote. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  10. Yikes! You are cut off from the whole world :-( It is crazy how we have become dependent on those little machines and rely on them working normal. At least you have a different avenue to post your blog and videos :-)

    Now I'm hungry after seeing that ice cream delight :-)


  11. Hi Tracy, thanks for the email, I had another look at the drunk ole broads and they got really plastered when I wasnt there so doubt they will get posted but you never know they might pop onto a card eheheh.

    Wow that ice cream looks the best, any time you have leftovers send em on down under heheh

    Have a great day, looking forward to seeing your next mini


  12. Wow, that dessert looks amazing! Sorry about the computer, but a nap sounds nice!

  13. Oh boy do I hate computer problems! I hope you get it figured out. If only there were computer meds for that alzheimers! LOL Have a great weekend!

  14. I hate the touch pad thingy also. LOL My mouse just dies yesterday and well I hated it so it's a win win for me... Best Buy here I come. LOL

    Thanks for sharing and making me smile..

  15. ooooooo I could just take a lick of that icecream!


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