Thursday, April 7, 2011

Punched Purse card

I made a card today...with no colouring. I saw this on another blog (sorry I can't remember which one) and thought it was so fun. Plus I had the punches :) I used the tab punch and the oval punch, to make the tiny purses. A simple card, but so cute. I wanted to emboss the background and get all fancy, but Hubby wanted to watch a movie and time was tight. But I really wanted to create...something :) Here is the inside of the card. The inside matches the outside, but the colouring is off. Told you photography isn't my specialty :) Onto My Day: I went to get some blood work done. I had two forms from 2 different doctors. But couldn't find the one from my cardiologist. I knew he wanted my cholesterol and iron, as he always does. So luckily his receptionist got a form for me. I didn't have to fast for nothing. I forgot to take a picture of my 12 vials they took from me....bloodsuckers. So to make me feel better I painted my toe nails. Was hoping it would help me get into the Spring mood, now we just need some Spring weather, so I can show these baby's off :)

Hubby and I went to Canadian Tire, yup one of his favourite stores :) Took Heather shopping, and picked up some more beads for my to make some more charms.

Thankful Thursday:

1. That I went to my Pilate's class, since I missed the last two.

2. For Easter Cream Eggs. I figured that my blood work is done, so these won't show up in it, teehee.

3. That I created a card today. 4. Hubby did the Disk De fragment on my laptop 5. Took a much needed nap. What are you Thankful for today? Tracy


  1. What a fun way to use that punch! I have that one too, fabby idea!
    I am thankful that at looping last, the snow is melting with a vengeance!

  2. Adorable card...and toes!!! Ummm...don't you still have SNOW, though?! LOL!!

    12 vials of blood?!!! Holy cow, they ARE vampires! I complain when they take more than ONE!

  3. Way cute! Love those little punch made purses :0) Ouch! I just got done with my mom's last set of blood sucking appointments for a while, she hates those :0( Love the toes! I can't wait to do mine again. I do a french pedicure about every two weeks all summer, nothing but flip flops and sandals for me!

  4. Cute toes:D
    OUCH! WOw 12 vials. How many tests do they run or screw up for that matter? Here only 2 is all they need.
    Adorable card. I love purses and this is a darling idea. Thanks for sharing it since I don't get around to too many blogs. I don't have that punch darn it! LOL
    Have a great weekend girl. I took some pics and posted for a change.

  5. Love the card and will be making one of these maybe later today, love your little feet and toe nails... are those jim jams your are wearing?

  6. such a cute card!
    have a great time at your crop on friday night!

  7. What a cute idea for a card! I love it! have fun at your crop!

  8. That card is adorable!!! Abie would love that! Ick, sorry about all the blood, that's a lot. Your toes do look fabulous though!

  9. Love your card! Painting my toe nails always gets me ready for spring/summer too. Maybe I will do that this weekend.

  10. Holy cow, you really did need a nap aftere that much blood was taken.

    I wish you would do a tutorial on those cute charms you make with the beads.

  11. Love your card. That is simply adorable. Yikes, 12 vials of blood drawn! No wonder you needed a nap. Hope all turns out well from the testing and you are found to be in good health.

  12. What an adorable card. Thanks for sharing the purse idea!

  13. What a cute card. I love that idea. I have those punches too. Like your toes. I need to give myself a pedicure but the weather hasn't exactly been great here either. Can't wait for open toe season!


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