Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shower Favours

Tomorrow is Matthew's baby shower.
Last night Sharon and I made these cute tiny purses for gifts for the guests.
When I went to take this photo tonight, the ribbon handles were off of most of them, grrrrr. In my defence, I didn't attach the ribbon, Sharon did ;)
I reattached them, hoping they last until, at least there are in the guests hands, lol.
 Janice (my SIL who is putting on the shower) is doing some games. Now whats a shower without games, right?
So I made these teeny tiny post it note holders for the winners (thank for the idea Becky :).
 For the door prize I made a teeny tiny post it note holder and a regular sized post it note holder. The reason it isn't blue is because it is a set I had in my stash.
Is it odd that I felt like I should have made new ones?
Reason 1. Because it is old stash, like 2 months old (like it goes bad).
Reason 2. Because it isn't blue.
I know I am odd, but these are the type of things that keep me up at night, lol.
Onto My Day:
I had to run to Staples this morning as when I was making the teeny tiny post it note holders last night, I realized I bought the wrong size. So since Michael's is so close, I ran into there and picked up some more card stock. I made a banner for the shower (or if the mommy wants to hang it in the baby's room). I didn't think I had enough of the colours I wanted to use......well it turned out I didn't even use one of the colours, teehee.
Hubby and I have been watching Vampire movies all day as I made the banner.
Last weekend Zombies, this weekend Vampires.....I think I prefer the Zombie's :)
It rained most of the day today, so it was a good day to stay indoors. Plus Hubby made taco dip and Kristy made banana/chocolate chip muffins. Yum.

I hope you are having a good weekend and was able to create a bit :)



  1. I got stuck on the "hubby made taco dip" and salivated for a while before typing this comment. I'm telling you, I need to live next door to you guys. :)

    Sure looks like you were busy...those little party favors are awesome.

  2. me too Marlene. I could live on one side and you could live on the other.? LOL Oh the trouble we could cause. LOL

    The gifts are all so wonderful. Very useful which I love. I use my big post it note holder almost every day. LOL I write where I am going and what is up with mom etc. That way if I am here and someone calls wanting to know what is going on, Mike or katie can tell them.
    I wish I was creating but sadly I can not. maybe tomorrow I will try a card. I owe a few.
    Have a fun time.
    At least I updated the old blog.;)

  3. Yep, items in a stash have a shelf life of six weeks. After that they spoil and must be destroyed. I would have been concerned about the door prize not being blue too. However, I would have told myself there was a lot of blue already, and I most likely would have been a bit tired of the whole project by now. That's only because I'm the Crabby Crafter AND I have ADD.

    Seriously, you made so many beautiful things for this shower, and I know everyone is going to be very impressed and touched at how hard you worked. I know I am.

    P.S. Regarding hubby and hair washing. I try to avoid having him see me naked. I figure our marriage will last longer that way...

  4. Omg, look at these shower stuff you have made!!!! holy buckets!!!! I am in awe!!!!!
    here's my addy:

  5. Adorable favor boxes. Your guests are going to be very impressed!

  6. All the guests should be blown away with everything you have made for this little guys shower. Well done, Tracy.
    Maybe you can take a deep breath and enjoy the shower today.
    At least it was rain and not more of that white stuff.
    I made some cards yesterday and hope to get them posted.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. Since you have Marlene on one side and PEA on the other! any room in the basement for a quiet couple? lol x

  8. Love the gifts. Enjoy the baby shower!

  9. Tracy,
    Such cute gifts. I hope you have a great time at the baby shower

  10. what cute boxes-you did a great job!

  11. Those are so cute, the guests will LOVE them!

  12. you work at night?
    and when you sleep?
    we must also rest
    thought it was beautiful what you did!
    hugs and great Sunday and a week lovely and productive
    ah, thank you for caring visit my blog!

  13. Those little purses are so cute and you know how partial I am to those teeny tiny post it note holders :) I hope the shower was a grand success today! Taco dip sounds so good...

  14. Oh my gosh, those little purses are adorable! I am helping a friend with some wedding shower favors and we have messing around with templates for containers like this. These came out sooooo cute! Love them!

  15. Those are really cute! In fact, I really dislike showers - baby showers, wedding showers...but those are some cute little gifts! You actually make it look fun! :-)


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