Monday, April 11, 2011

Springtime Card 3# and some damage ;(

This is my last card I did with this Stampin' Up stamp set. It is also my favourite card out of the three. I used my new Nesties Die set. It is so pretty, don't cha think? I dipped the felt flower into my glimmer mist. It was plugged and I didn't feel like fiddling with it. So I just dunked it in. It did take a long time to dry though, teehee. The money shot. Ya right, I'm just happy it turned out clear, lol. The inside of the card. I have a question for all you card makers out there. Do you give/make cards for every occasion? I seem to only make Birthday, Christmas,Thank You and Baby cards. So this set of Springtime cards is a new one to me. I did enjoy making them. So about that hail yesterday. I do have many light dents in the hood of both my jeeps. I am not to happy about it. You can't really see unless you move around and the sunlight is hitting it. I am so p1ssed. Then my daughter Ashley informs me that we had a hole in our siding from the hail....oh joy. Onto My Day:

Today I spent most of the day cleaning. Boy my home sure needed it. Then I made a schedule for my girls to take over some of the chores.....I need some time to create ;)

I also received some happy mail today from Cherylene. Her coloured images are just beautiful. Boy I sure need to practice to get to her level.

Hope you all had a creative day.



  1. Love the nestie here! And that glimmer misted flower rocks...I have yet to try that!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    So sorry I haven't commented for a couple of days, but I have just been looking and catching up with your blog. Wow your cards are fabulous, I love your new nesties they are gorgeous. But for the hailstones they are massive, never seen anything like them here in England.
    Have a good week
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. very nice card, great use of that stamp. I make cards for all occasions, but tend to stick more to the ones that you mentioned. I sell most of my cards, so sometimes it depends on what I'm selling most of, on what I'm making. Thanks again for visiting my blog as well. Oh and if you have a chance come on over to our Challenge Blog and try some of the challenges.


  4. Tracy,
    Your card turned out really pretty. Sorry about the hail, I too would not be a happy camper!
    I usually make cards for the same occasions you have mentioned, except for the critter series of course
    Hugs, Stacy

  5. Very pretty card! I make cards for any reason at problem is that I rarely send them, so I have stacks of them at home! HA!

  6. very pretty card! love the basket! i also do a lot of thinking of you cards. i make a bunch of sets to give to people and in the set i make a birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, congratulations, and a sending smiles card.

  7. Very pretty card! I love the nestie and think I need to get some of them.

    I was just thinking about the style of cards I make (yes a lot for kids) but I don't think I make enough variety and I realized I almost never use a sentiment. I am going to try and make some sets for different occasions but that will be a stretch for me!

  8. Adorable card, and sorry about the hail damage. We got some just like that 2 years ago and needed a whole new roof. I pray your roof is okay! And so fun to see what we have in common--3 teenage girls, married 1989, etc. :) Blessings,

  9. Good Tuesday morning. Love your projects. I just checked everything out. I have been working the last 2 days, and we were so busy, I just came home and basically hit the hay. But last night I didn't even get home until after 8pm. Usually home around 6:30. So, now I am off until next Monday.
    Sorry you had some hail damage. The farmers around here are always on pins and needles in the summer until they get their crops in afraid of hail damage.
    Happy crafting to you this week.

  10. We had some golf ball hail in March and a tornado that ripped the roof off of the high school, threw 400 pound pole vaulting mats across the road. It was CRAZY! Luckily, our siding is fine. Now we are getting dozens of calls and guys walking around knocking on doors looking for contracting work. It's annoying.

    I usually just whip up a card as needed. I'd like to make a few to have on hand, but I never seem to. I just love your card, I totally love that scalloped border, it's perfect.

  11. Ooooohhhhhh, I love that Nesties die! Beautiful! So sorry about your damage :( That sucks! I hope your girls help out and you get more crafty time in! That's a great idea!!

  12. Oh man..I would be pissed too, stupid hail, that stuff is vicious.

    I do love your card though, the colors are so pretty. Are you gonna play with Cupcake Inspirations? I keep finding all these challenge blogs and I want to play with them all!!! :D

  13. I am so sorry about your poor jeep and the hail :-( Mother Nature can be a biotch every now and then :-(!!

    Buttttt - that card is so cute!! You should open up and etsy store and sell your cards :-)

  14. Love your card it's beautiful. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Whoa I am so glad we don't get hail that big down here in NL. Always have wind though, so it's a good thing, they would be like ice bulletts. Your poor siding and jeep.
    Melissa D

  15. Cute card and a serious mother load of images for you in your swap, that will keep you busy with your new copics when they arrive,

  16. hi!
    the Easter Bunny is waiting there on my page!
    kiss green and yellow!!

  17. holy moly!! those must have been pretty big hail particles!!! I cant believe its hailing there in the east coast... =(
    its just raining lots here in the west...
    I'm sorry about your damages =(

    I love your card btw =)

  18. Beautiful card! Don't sell yourself short...with as fast as you're learning the coloring tricks, in no time you'll be doing tutorials on them!

    Wow - that hail really did a number on your jeeps and house, huh? Nasty!

  19. Sorry about the hail damage! I'm pretty much like you - Birthday, sympathy, Christmas, Thinking of You, Thank You. I do a couple of Valentines and MOther's Day but the only holiday I go all out for is Christmas. I love Christmas cards!

  20. What a pretty card. Love the frame. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  21. Ooh, I think this one is my favorite too! Love the color :0) I only make cards for whatever I am feeling at the moment. I don't like feeling pressured to get a certain holiday or occasion done. Then I wouldn't like doing it :0) Yup, Jeremy would be going crazy over that hail damage! Hope it gets taken care of :0)

  22. Great card. And that must have been some serious hail - yikes!

  23. Such a wonderful work of art! I'm just sad for your broken siding. =( Was that a vinyl siding? Maybe you should try more durable ones. Just replace them ASAP before hailstones destroy them. Hehe!


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