Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stamping and some snow.

I did get to play for a little while today :) I coloured this stamp today. Its a stamp I got from my SIL years ago. Makes me want to go berry picking. I prefer picking blueberries though ;) I stamped over 160 images today. I am hoping to get them out in the mail tomorrow. Hope all that receive them enjoy colouring them :) Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture ?!?!?! Yup snowed all day today, quite heavy I must say. The last few days have been beautiful. The snow was melting, the birds were singing, I even saw a.... black fly outside, one the first signs of Spring around here. The temperature was very mild. It was 5C, I thought it was too warm to snow, guess I was wrong.

How can you tell my Hubby is a business man?

When we went out this morning there were some girls guides selling cookies at the Canadian Tire entrance. So he bought 5 boxes.

Then he came home and made this sign. I told him he reminds me of when the kids sold Kool Aid in the front yard, lol.

Just some background. If my girls have treats, Wayne will buy a chocolate bar off them for like $5.00. So now I guess he wants his money back, lol.
Onto My Day:

I balanced month end, yahoo. But I did take time out to stamp some images and colour a bit. So posting month end will have to wait until tomorrow.

We watched a few movies today. One of them was The Black Swan. It was pretty good. A little freaky but good.

Hope you all had a good weekend.



  1. Blueberries are my favorite. YUM!
    160 images? Really? Oh my stars girl. You out of ink? LOL
    I played today too. Two more pages done. Have three left to go.
    Have a wonderful evening girl.
    email me and tell me about black swan, I wanna know what it is about.

  2. Cute strawberries :0) My 10 year old, Ty, goes through those they like they are never coming back in the summer. I can't believe you stamped over 160 images, are you crazy? This is why I only swap with one person at a time far anyway :0) I bet they are all super adorable!

  3. As always, you did a beautiful job coloring the stamp. I a LOL about your DH selling his cookies...that's very funny!

  4. Hi Tracy! Just watched your video on foil tags, and really would like to try your method of making them.. But I can't seem to find the "Technical Tape" you speak of? Do you know what store specifically carries this tape? Is it expensive? I hope not, because I'll probably have to find another way to make them then... But I thought I'd at least see if you could name a specific business "here" or "there" that sells it, and then maybe I could order it online then?... I don't have a cuttlebug yet, but am looking into that. (Actually, I still need to buy some alcohol inks too!.. I'm NEW to scrapbooking, but I'm really LOVING it so far!) ~tina

  5. Love your coloring of the strawberries - they look so beautiful! :o)
    (And you stamped so many images today! WOW!)

  6. I love that strawberry stamp. Reminds me of summer! That sign on those cookies totally cracked me up! :-D I hope this is the last of the snow for you. Yuck! Bring on Spring!

  7. Tracy,
    I sure hope the weather warms up for you and that you see many more flies (I mean that in a good way) lol
    Your colring is again, very nice! You are becoming quite the pro

  8. Wow! 160 images, that must have taken awhile. Too funny about the cookies.

  9. You are one busy lady between your balancing and your stamping and your coloring! :) I'm laughing so hard about Wayne's sign on the cookies! Now if you say a movie is freaky, I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with it... Ha! Sorry about the snow, hopefully that's the last of it!

  10. Just played catch up on your blog Tracy, you've been busy stamping and colouring images and I liked reading the 7 facts about you for your award.
    Have a good week
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. WOW that's crazy it snowed!! We've have great spring weather here so hopefully it moves your way :) I love that your hubby was charging per cookie or per box :)

  12. Wow, 160 images! The photo of the snow just floored me -- it's 81 degrees here today!

  13. Those are pricey cookies! Sorry Spring hasn't stuck there yet. Hopefully a late snow won't hang around long.

  14. Hi, Tracy,
    Hope you had a great weekend too. Your coloured strawberries look great. I can't believe you did all that stamping-wow.
    We are still having snow too. Spring seems to be having problems pushing through.
    I was canceled from work today. So, I made use of my time. Took some cooked turkey out of the freezer and made a pot of turkey noodle soup and 2 turkey pot pies, for later.
    Wayne should be down here with the girl scouts are selling cookies-there are a lot more varieties here. I was a cookie mum for 15 years with my girls.

  15. do you have any butterfly stamps? if so colour some so i can see :)

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous coloring job, m'lady! They look good enough to eat. (Oh, that reminds me...I bought some strawberries today, and they are DELISH!)

    ICK on that snow! ICK ICK ICK!!! It was 70 degrees here today!


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