Monday, April 25, 2011

Still working on Matthew's mini album

Still working on baby Matthew's mini album.
I sure wish I had the Cricut cartridge "Baby Steps". It would have saved me a lot of fussy cutting and playing around with my drawing. And you all know I ain't no artist, lol.
The carriage wasn't to bad as I used my Spellbinders circle and some border punches. The back is to journal. I inked one of my recipe cards for that.

These baby bottles took me all night last night to make. The only pattern I had was a stencil that was 8x10 inches. So I photocopied it and shrunk it down to the size I wanted. Then I shrunk it down a tad more for the pattern paper and the writing journals for the back.
 For these onsies I just played around until I came up with a shape that worked. Then used the scallop die for the ruffles. I hope they don't look to girly with the ruffles.
I made the onsies into a flip book.
 I attached binding ribbon to the shoulder part of the onsies so they can flip up. I am probably going to add some journal blocks to the backs of them. There are 3 flip pages.
I am hoping that I can finish this up tomorrow, but I think I am getting ahead of myself, teehee.

Onto My Day:
The girls were off of school and work today. Hubby had to go in though.
I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so that kind of hindered my time working on the mini.
That's about it for today.
Wish me luck on finishing my mini tomorrow :)



  1. Oh Tracy I have New Beginnings. I think that is the name. I was using it on my Gypsy today. If you want any baby stuff cut I would be happy to cut and send you stuff. I love to do that. I have been working on baby cards. Yours are turning out beautiful with out all the electronic stuff.

  2. Very nice!!! Love the onsie flipbook! It does not look girlie at all! I have two boys so I know
    it´s ok for little baby boys to wear ruffles too sometimes ;)
    Have a great day and lot´s of time to work on
    the mini!


  3. Its really looking good hope you get it finished today so I can see it before I have to go off anywhere to work

  4. oh this is just so cute! you are doing such a fab job!

  5. I love the shapes you've created. The buggy from circles is so cute. Love the onsies flip book. This will be an awesome baby mini! :)

  6. You're doing a GREAT job! I always think I need a new product or cartridge, but sometimes it's more fun to work with what we have :)

  7. Adorable! I love how it is all coming together.

  8. Cool! Love the different shapes! I'm thinking "baby" too because of my sister's baby shower I'm throwing in a few days.

  9. Tracy,
    It is looking great. I love how you did the onesie

  10. Tracy, you are so talented! I love the baby bottles, they are so cute, this is gonna turn out wonderful!

  11. Awesome! This is going to be the cutest ever :0) You sure are working hard! Hugs!!!!

  12. This is totally adorable! I dare someone to tell you that the onsie looks too girlie! I think that it looks awesome! Matthew is lucky to have you making his mini!

  13. Love your carriage, bottle and onesie! I have an elephant template that I use a lot for my baby cards and pages. Let me know if you are interested in it!

  14. Cute, cute, cute, Tracy. You are doing just a great job. The baby buggy is adorable. The baby bottles are great. And I love the onsie flip book. Hope you are getting to work on it today. Looking to see great end results.


  15. That is amazing! I can't believe you did all that without a Cricut or specific baby themed shape cutting. You are so creative!

  16. It looks great Tracy, you are so darn creative, love the idea of using the tape on the onesie, had been playing with something similar that I wanted to have fold out on the front of a card (yeah i know will be a tad ovedone and be like a scrap page has exploided on the card lol) and the tape might just work. Will have ago today and see if it works. Have a great day.night, Wendy

  17. You are one CRAFTastic lady! These turned out fabulous!

  18. These pieces are just so stinkin cute! I love the colors, they're more muted than the pastel blues you see for baby boys. Can't wait to see the final product!

  19. weyting to see the vido and the hole albom in yutyub so far it`s amyzing


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