Thursday, April 28, 2011

Video of Matthew's baby mini album and some toxic fun :)

I posted my video of my mini album. I also share the card I made and the box I altered. Hope you enjoy. It was a bit challenging to not put flowers and frills on everything, teehee.

I have been working on the Diaper cake this afternoon. I want keep it clean and simple. I want it to look like an actual cake. I am refraining from putting lots of toys and such on it. So far so good.
Heather says it is disgusting and doesn't want anything to do with it. She told me diapers and cake shouldn't be in the same sentence, lol.

Onto My Day:
If you follow my blog then you know today I had my Nuclear Medicine Stress Test. I had one about 4 years ago so I knew what to expect.
First no pop or chocolate for 24 hour prior to this was hard, but I did succeed :)
Next I had to get up at the unearthly hour of 7:00am. I am NOT a morning person.
Then pay $7.00 for parking   :-O
I had to get an intravenous in which they put bad stuff in me.
See this sign...
All us toxic patients had to sit in this room. Nothing like feeling like your contaminated, lol
After the first injection (yup, you get more then one) I got to go in this machine. It is called a Gamma Scan. Yup just like the sci-fi movies with the gamma rays, teehee.
This machine sucks you in and then the "L" shape thing takes 15 minutes to do the scan.
I think I dozed off the second time I was in there (yup, you go in there more then once).
In between all this you get hooked up to wires then to a monitor to do the treadmill.
On the treadmill the doctor wants you to reach your maximum heartbeat. Well I guess I'm not that bad in shape as I had to go on there for 12 minutes to reach it, I was actually jogging.
Then another injection and then back to the Gamma ray, lol.
All this took about 4+ hours.
I don't know exactly how it went, except to say that that the thing my heart did every once in awhile, does it all the time now.  How Fun.

Thankful Thursday:
For technology in the health field.
Completing the mini and the gift for Matthew's baby shower.
Starting on the Diaper Cake.
For take out. I just wasn't up to cooking tonight.....well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)
For Hubby's sweet texts while I was waiting at the hospital.
And for all your sweet comments on my box ;)  Sorry I just had to.

What are you Thankful for today?



  1. That's a gorgeous little project there, and it looks like you had quite a day.

    It's funny, around here they all look like I have two heads when I tell them we have to pay to park at a hospital in Ontario. Parking at hospitals is FREE here. (And I think it SHOULD be.)

  2. Wow, long day! You should not have had to cook anyway! ;0)
    I hope that you will show the completed diaper cake!

  3. what a wonderful little mini. beautiful as always Tracy. So inspiring. How did you do the tabs? just love it.

  4. hope all your tests come out great. That didnt look like fun at all!

  5. What a start to the day. I adore your mini. The is fun. I'm thankful for the little things that make me smile.

  6. great mini-hope all the tests come back great!

    have a great weekend

  7. Oh dear! I've been out of town with no internet! I'll have to read backwards but I hope everything comes out ok with the test!!!

  8. I have a hard enough time making a card without a flower I can only imagine your pain with this mini! Haha! It turned out great though! I'm looking forward to pictures of the diaper cake!! I hope those tests come back okay, so glad they're over for you. They should have a special place in the parking lot reserved for FREE for those who have been without caffeine and chocolate for 24 hours. It's the least they could do! :)

  9. Tracy,
    Your mini came out fantastic. Very well done!
    I will be praying that all the tests come back well.
    Have a great weekend

  10. I just love your mini. The tests don't sound fun at all. Hope everything comes back well.

  11. love your mini---where you get all those die cuts wasn't sure what brand

    hope your test come back well so not fun

  12. Such a cute mini - thanks for the video :)
    Hoping your test results come out well!! Fingers crossed!

  13. I hope your test was OK. I was radiated last week, had the same sign on the door. PET scan, tho.

  14. I'm the only girl in my house. My hubby. My son. Me. I don't get to use girly flowery stuff that often. And when I do it's hard for me to make because I'm so used to boy stuff. lol! I can't wait to see your diapercake. Good luck with all your tests. Hopefully they all come back normal.

  15. Happy Friday, Tracy
    hope your medical tests turn out ok. Sorry they take so long. i hate that part too.
    Your baby mini book looks fantastic-a gorgeous end result.
    Have a great weekend-can't figure out if it want to rain or snow here.

  16. That was quite an ordeal! Did you get a pop right after you were done? I'm so sorry you have to go through things like this. You have such a sweet heart, how can it misbehave?


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