Saturday, April 16, 2011

Zombie's and Creating a Perfect Day

I spent most of the day working on this mini album.
I just love making my own embellishments. I should really stop buying them as even though I have so many, I still make my own.
Take this kit I put together. It has so many embellishment, but I keep making my own.
One thing I noticed (I will have to change for next time) when I put this mini kit together is that I need to add more papers. I haven't ran out, but I did need to use some white card stock for a few of my tags and such.      
Here is page 1.                        
I took the pages out of the coils as it is easier to work with. I made these tags out of my white card stock (which wasn't in my kit) and then added the dies to the top (they were in my kit).          
 I added distress ink to the white felt flowers, then added pearls to the punched out border.
 Page 2. This is a fun page. It is a slider. You pull on the flower and the top flap slides up.
 See, isn't it fun. I love interactive pages :)
 Again I made these flowers with punches and then formed them and added a pearl.
 I made a tag that slides out from the slider card.
Onto My Day:
Hubby and I drove Kristy to Blake's as they were going to the movies.
Then we did a few errands.
Went to my Local Scrap booking Store. I went there for some paper for my Copics. Left $ 96.00 less in my pocket and guess what .....I forgot the paper.
Guess I have to wait till Tuesday as they are closed till then :(
Came home and watched a couple Zombie Movies, while I worked on this mini album.
Picked up Kristy, grabbed an ice cream at DQ.
Then came home to two more Zombie movies and more creating ;)

We woke up to snow, and it is still snowing. Just when most of the snow had melted, sigh.

Hope you are having a creative weekend...without snow ;)



  1. we had snow the other day. Mom said the 4 letter word and yep, you guessed it we had snow.
    Time to eat my ham and eggs made by Katie. She is taking care of her sick Momma today.:) How nice.
    Happy creating my friend your mini is looking adorable. Haven't tried the slider card yet. Looks a bit complicated to me. Maybe next album.

  2. Agh! Chilly here, but no snow today...I love the pullout, pop out thingy in the album! What a totally cool and pretty accent! And isn't half the fun buying those pretty embellies? I keep making my own flowers too, but have a bunch in my stash!:0)

  3. It's so pretty!

  4. so pretty! love all the butterflies and flowers

  5. love the way you distress things. Been thinking I should do my own flowers as well but then I have so many bought ones to use up. Was funny at around 3 am when I couldnt sleep and was doing my colouring with copics, I laughed and said Tracy needs to do a tutoral for me heheheh. Am still finding it hard to find the right paper down here, but when its cut out and blocked it is ok. Have a good day

  6. Your mini looks so pretty! I love the little postage stamp :) Even though you're having s--- your day sounds wonderful! Staying in watching movies and crafting all day! Aaahh! We haven't had s---, but we have had a TON of rain!

  7. i want the walking dead to start again... im missing that show. i need a zombie fix

  8. great job on the mini. How big is the slider?

  9. Love your album . Would you show how to do the pull out. Thank you so much for sharing your crafts and a small part of your life . your girls are so pretty wonder who they get it from (mom & dad )Take care. Keep up the great job . P S your coloring is so good also. keep up the good job.

  10. Lol, you and your zombies, you kill me :0) Reminds me of my dad though. We used to watch all kinds of zombie movies when I was little. That's how I got in to liking horror films, I think. Your album is looking absolutely gorgeous! You are so creative :0) Have a Happy Sunday my friend! Hugs!!!!

  11. Gorgeous, cute and fabulous book. I love it.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. Great look at your mini album, so nice! I do the same thing, buy lots of embellishments and then make my own. Will we ever learn? Probably not, at least in my case!

  13. What a pretty mini! Love all the hidden pieces. So fun! We got snow too and potentially more on the way this week. Summer better last until November this year. :)

  14. this mini is very cute...I found a link for you, take a look:

    hugs from Brazil and have a great week
    Rosana :)

  15. Tracy,
    Your mini is so so pretty.
    I love it

  16. Love your mini. You make it so interesting with all the interactive bits, and the tactile lovelies that are visually pleasing and make me want to reach right out and touch them :-)

  17. I don't know how I missed this post but WOW!! That mini is GORGEOUS!!!!


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