Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Project Planner Page for Feb. & some Snow

Try and say that 5 times real fast, lol.

I finally am posting (working) on February pages of my Creative Project Planner.
I started with stamping the Month at the top of the page.
Then just stamped my heart out :)
One of the reasons I really like this book I'm doing is because I am using so many of my stamps :)

Here is a closer look at my right page.
Actually before I stamped on the month, I inked the whole page. I love my inks :)
When I was quickly going through my stamps (which I really have to organize) I found a circle background stamp, so stamped that all over the page.

I plan on stamping a calender for each month.
This month we had Wayne's B.Day on the 2nd, Valentines day on the 14th and then Heather's B.Day on the 27 :)

You can see the background stamp better on this photo.

  Like I had mentioned on my January page, the ink seeps through to the backside of the paper. So I added some pattern paper to cover it up and this allows to to add to this page as well ;)
If you want to check out last months pages, Here They Are ;)

It snowed all evening and night, so this is what we woke up to this morning.
Our neighbours are away so Wayne plowed their driveway. Then we parked in their driveway so Wayne could plow ours.
We just need to find a spot to dump some snow. The banks are so high, it is hard to see oncoming traffic when pulling out of our driveway.
The neighbours across the street have a nice big yard ;)

Today was Family Day here, so everyone had the day off, all the stores were closed. So nice to have a long weekend :)
Ashley and Kristy went on a little photo shoot.
I got a peek at some of the photos...I love when they do that :)

Hope you all had a creative Monday Family Day :)

Tracy :)


  1. Yikes! I don't know how you guys do it. I am so sick of snow. i love your planner. I am working on planning 2013 LOs. :-)

  2. This project planner is fantastic. One little tip, you can gesso your pages so that the ink doesn't go through. Plus it gives it some extra strength. I really love this planner idea. It certainly is a great way to use stamp images. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration. I'm going to try to Pin this to pinterest for a reminder of this project.

  3. Your project planner is fabulous. Good idea to jot goals for the month down! I love the stamps you used on your page...especially the sign holder and quote!

  4. ugh..that snow. Don't send any down here! Love the planner. Sounds like a fun project! I really like those calendar stamps.

  5. So wonderful Tracy - love this idea of keeping a record in this way - so creative. Thanks for being so inspiring! We are supposed to get more snow towards the end of the day - and freezing rain is possible - yuk. I have the same problem at the end of our drive, the snow bank must be at least 6ft high. Have a good day.

  6. Great job with your planner . Glad someone is trying to get organized. We have had lots of snow, but thank goodness those Chinook winds come along and melt most of it away. It was a long weekend down here too.

  7. your planner looks awesome!!! i am going to make one for our family vacation this summer- love it

    i so wish we could have snow!! i know you are tired of it by now but i would just like a little!

  8. Fun planner! That's a great way to keep track of everything that is going on...and to use your stamps too! :) That is a TON of snow! It looks pretty.

  9. I love how your planner is coming along. Such a great way to track everything.

  10. Your planner looks great, very art journal-ish ;) I thought you had already organized your stamps, but maybe I just dreamt about that. Your family day sounds great! You ready for spring?? ;)

  11. I love your planner!
    It just looks like so much fun!
    Look at all of that snow.
    We have a big storm heading our way on Thursday. A nice fun wintery mix :p

  12. Hi love the planner what a good idea, what stamp did you use for the calender with the numbers of the days of the week on please, and the snow looks beautiful :)

  13. We had one major storm so far this year and I've had enough..I don't know how you can handle all that snow. I Don't think I'd leave the house all season. Love your planner idea!

  14. Looks like a great book. I like all the stamped images.

  15. I totally tried to say your title 5 times fast! Now my students think I'm weird (and by now, I mean, they totally already knew that!)

    Your planner looks great!

  16. Loving how you making your project planner so creative. Keep warm, looks like it's really cold. hehe..


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