Saturday, February 23, 2013

Defunkifying My Life Mission 12...Distress Inks

So I am finally totally finished with my Distress Ink Storage Unit.
I am so happy, it works great and fits exactly where I wanted it:)

The only thing that wasn't perfect was that when I figured out what my measurements should be I wanted my inks to, tool, ink, tool. So I would have had 4 inks and 4 tools all in a row.
But then decided to put a support in the center and that really screwed up my plan, lol.
This isn't as wonky as it looks in the photo....not sure whats up with the photo :(

But then again it may have not been a bad idea, because now I can add the re-inker on either end of the distress tools :)
I didn't get a photo, but it is in the video...yup I got a video ;)
I added decorative tape to the raw edges to pretty it up a bit :)

I have always labeled and added the distress coloured hearts on the ink pads.
I, at one time, printed off the labels that Ranger supplies. But they didn't print up evenly on the sticky labels and it is easier to just get out my trusty label maker out and print off one label, instead of printing off the whole sheet for just one new ink pad.

 I made this storage unit to fit in this area in my scrap/craft room (I should call it my crap room with what it looks like).
This is what I call my stamping area, I wanted to keep my inks here. At least I got that right, lol.
I added a tiny piece of hook and loop tape on the back of this unit so it stays put.
But the velcro is so tiny that I can easily take the unit and move the whole thing to my desk if I want them all in front of me.

Remember I said I made a video...I didn't forget ;)

I hope you all have a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Looks fabulous...You did a great job...It was a good idea to use the tape to cover the raw edges...and the tape looks pretty too!!!

    I need to do something with mine...I have them in iris carts but now I need those carts to house my expanding stamp collection.! teehee

    Real estate is a pricey commodity in our scrapbook rooms! I left with going vertical!

  2. Wow love it.. now would like to come do one for me.. I am still working on the best way to do mine.. Love this Idea will be watching for more of your ideas.. thanks take care

  3. Love the finish product. So cute you have hearts on your distress inks.

  4. This looks totally awesome! So organized!

  5. This is fabulous Tracy and love how you made it out of foam board!! So organised! Have a great Sunday.

  6. Wow!... yes, you've done this on a grand scale, and I LOVE it! I'm afraid my distress ink pad count is only up to EIGHT so far (0; but I'm working on that; and still, with only that many I find the storage system I have is not entirely helpful/practical to me.. And to fumble through things only frustrates and aggravates me. (I like to keep my blood pressure down if I can help it!) I've found foam board to be a little expensive (cheaper than wood, I suppose?), but if the overall project looks worth it to me, I'll make the investment... Anyways, love the labels and the little hearts to readily show colors without disassembling! Woo Hoo!! I just might give this a try, so thanks for sharing!... Hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~tina

  7. I love it even more after seeing the video! Love how you have room to grow too, I think that's the biggest mistake we make when organizing is not leaving enough room to grow :) You really did an amazing job with this Tracy! I don't think my dollar store sells foam core board... You could make all sorts of these shelves for things! LOL!

  8. Your shelves look wonderful. I really like the idea of using decorative tape over the edges. Looks so pretty!

  9. My goodness, Tracy, this is MUCH larger than I thought! I pictured it being the width of 2 distress pads! Well done, girl!

  10. I don't stamp a lot and have no distress inks at all, but you did great job with these shelves!!! I have a lot of storage issues at the moment, but this is one that I haven't had to tackle. It is great that you have a good bit of room to expand your collection.

  11. Awesome job, Tracy! Looks great! And you should be very pleased with end result.

  12. This looks fabulous! I love how neat and organized it is, and that you can take it to your desk if you need to! I can't watch the video though :( My computer is being all slow and no fun today!

  13. Well, you are busy busy with the decluttering/organizing posts, aren't you. Today's is a great reminder to me that I need to label my distress inks too. Keep up the good work!


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