Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Defunkifying...I haven't forgot

I am sure most of you that have been following my defunkifying my life missions, have thought that I had quit.
I am slowly but surely still working on them. I did take a break during the holidays and then I was ill most of December all of January and the beginning of February. But I am got to go now :)
So I will resume my Defunkifying Missions next week.
We will start with revisiting the missions again, as I am sure we can all do a bit of tweaking on the ones we have completed already....well at least I can ;)

I have been slowly reorganizing my scrap/craft room.
Last week I picked up these wired paper racks from our closed Local Scrapbooking Store.
Every once in a while she will open her store to sell left over products. I found out she was selling her shelving. I picked up 3 racks...these are the 3 racks stacked :)
I love that I can see all the papers like this. My old way they were all stacked on top of each other. Mind you I still have about a 7 ft of paper stacked on top of each other...think I have enough paper.
Apparently not, as I bought another stack tonight, lol.

I have been looking at this hanger for a long time(I think it is for makeup). But there was no way I was going to pay $36.00 for it.
When I went out with my friend Debbie tonight, she pointed out that it was on sale for 80% off.
$6.99...yup its mine.
Now I wish I would have bought the other one as well.

I bought this with the intention of putting my tiny punches in it. That way I will have more room on my punch rack for my bigger punches.
Then I got excited to see if my Distress inks would fit.
Guess what they do!!!
But I want to keep my distress tools with the inks, as I make one for each colour I own. The distress inks and the tools both don't fit into the pouches.

So if you have any ideas I would love to hear them :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Love your is a jewelry holder! Works perfect for your they never guessed!

    Look forward to the new re orging...loved those posts. Your paper racks are fab.

  2. You have lots of papers:):)

    I am also lokking forward to the new reorging,you have many fab idea:):)


  3. love the hanging bag- you are right- just perfect for those small items!!

  4. Love that hanging bag. I had an over the door hanger for my punches in my house but don't have a door that it fits on in this condo. I loved having my punches up like that so bonus that you can see them and have more room for your bigger punches on the rack1 :)

  5. Nice rack Tracy! LOL! I bet you hear that from Wayne all the time though. LMAO! Hahahaha! Seriously, I love it! I can't believe you have more paper than that though! 7ft, seriously? That's a lot of damn paper! Lol! That hanging bag is super cool too! I'm with you, I would want my inks and tools together too. Are there enough slots for all your small punches in that one? Maybe just put your punches in that pouch like you originally planned.

  6. LOL at Becky!
    Great storage.
    And yes, I am looking forward to more defunkifying. Although you are right. Whenever I get something cleaned out, a few months later it definitely needs tweaking!

  7. That paper rack is awesome... Great deals~

  8. What if you velcroed the distress tools to the front of each pocket?

  9. Love the paper storage - fabulous!!! And hope to see more of your reorganising:-) TFS

  10. wish I could help but my brain is on drugs from the cold. So fried eggs is all we have. LOL

  11. Looks great, I've been thinking about getting a paper rack like this! x

  12. I am loving your organization! Those shelves for the paper are fabulous! I've always wanted something like that. I can't wait to see what you did with the makeup holder (and I don't have to! I'm clicking on that post next!)

  13. Awesome rack, I saw that makeup holder and was thinking of getting it. 80% off is a great deal.


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