Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary Baby...

Do you have that song stuck in your head now ;)

Today Wayne and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary.
We have been together for almost 30 yrs. I'll tell you time sure does go by fast.
Wayne still makes me feel like a teen. Reason number 56 on why I love him :)
No matter how I feel or how I look, he tells me and treats me like I am beautiful.
He is my rock, my safe place someone who I love to be with.
Here is hoping we have another 25+ years together.

Here is the card I had made him.
Don't we look cute ;)

Here is the gorgeous view that we woke up to this morning.

Here is the breakfast I enjoyed this morning, teehee.

We went out for lunch at the coffee shop they have here.
The waitress took our photo :)
Here is the photo I like :)

Here is the photo that Wayne liked better :)

Well we are fully enjoying our day today. It is so relaxing.
Off to jump in the jaccuzzi then snuggle in bed with the fireplace blazing.

Hope you all have had a creative day today :)

Thought I would leave you with this, teeehee.
I did a post a few years ago about being Married to the Modern day Fred Flintstone, teehee.

Tracy :)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Y'all make just a gorgeous couple and I hope you're enjoying your time together!!


  2. Happy Anniversary! You both look great for surviving 25 years together and after that loving tribute I know that you will treasure the next 25!

  3. Yummmm, caramel and salt? Sound delish! Great pictures of the 2 of you! Have a lovely evening!

  4. Happy 25th Anniversary Tracy & Wayne!
    What a beautiful getaway! Here's a toast to 25+ more!!!
    Have a beautiful evening!

  5. Wow what a view wouldnt mind waking up to that every morning, and a Happy Anniversary, lovely pic of you both, and gorgeous card cute couple.
    Chris x

  6. Happy Anniversay!! love the photos of you two!! looks like you are having a wonderful time!!!!

    your card is just totally adorable!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Cute photos. And here's to another 25 wonderful years together!

  8. Happy anniversary! Such a sweet card and photos!

  9. Happy anniversary!! I love your card, did he make you one? Lol That view is gorgeous, with the sun! I love the picture of the two of you, both of them. Wayne likes the second one because you're on his lap, lol!!! I'm dodo glad you two are enjoying your time away :)

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Great photos of both of you! :)

  11. Happy Anniversary -- what a cute couple you make! Had to go back and reread the married to Fred Flinstone post. Loved it just as much the second time!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Here's wishing you 25+ more years of happiness. You look beautiful in both photos but I'd go with the one he liked best. He's smiling more - maybe because you are sitting on his lap :-)

  13. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you are having a wonderful trip!

  14. love that flinstones video! how funny is that! so glad you both had an amazing time. the picture of the lake is beautiful and you both look so happy and in love. we are both lucky girls so have such loving husbands. wishing you many more happy moments.

  15. Yeah Happy Anniversary!!! WOW look at that view:-) And great photo of the two of you - enjoy your cuddles ;-)

  16. Happy Anniv! That is a great view. I am sitting here looking out at a gorgeous view know that a 2ft blizzard is on its way.

  17. Lovely card and I love the photo,wonderful view:):)


  18. Happy Anniversary! Love the card, really cute.

  19. Aw, you two look so sweet! Happy anniversary! x

  20. That's such a cute card. Beautiful view and you are such a cute couple!!


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