Sunday, February 10, 2013

I got rid of my paper scraps...oh my

Yes you read that title correctly.
I got rid of my scraps. And it is so freeing :)
If you remember this was one of my goals for the new year.
I have so many scraps (not only my scraps but my SIL's are here as well)  and I feel guilty cutting into my new papers until I use up my scraps.
If you also remember I made two gift sets of 12 cards each with my scraps.
Scrap card set 1

Scrap card set 2

Here is how I store my scraps.
I store them in this hanging legal sized file folder.
Each colour has its own coordinating file folder, as well as a tag in the matching colour for even an easier view of the colours.

This is the perfect way I store my scraps...but the only thing I don't like is the little metal tabs on the hanging files, I snag my ol' lady sweater or even my pant leg.
And when that happens...its not a pretty sight or it makes me say things that shouldn't come out of a lady's mouth ;)

I have seen the file folder holders that are encased...but only for the standard paper sizes not the legal sizes, and I want the legal sizes as they fit a 12" strip of paper.
I though of putting the file case in a box...but couldn't find the perfect box.
Then a brilliant idea came to me...yes I get a few of them.
If it fits in a bag, then not only will that solve my problem, but it will also be portable :)
I take my scraps everywhere, and encourage everyone who scraps with me to use them.
So I am very happy with I had the bag already so it was free...which is also great :)

I had a few requests for my Taco Salad recipe.
So being lazy as I am, I took a picture of it ;)
I do change a few things...
1. I don't use a full package of taco seasoning.
2. You have to mix the first 3 ingredients.
3. I don't use the celery as my family doesn't care for it.
4. I also don't use a whole head of lettuce...maybe a quarter of it.
5. We use a big bottle of salsa.
Tip...if you don't eat it all in one day, then when you put it in the fridge, put it on a bit of a slant so the liquids pool away from the dip and you can scoop the liquids out the next day.
Tip #2 I chop all the veggie very fine. When I do the tomatoes I blot them with a paper towel.

Onto My Day:
My day consisted of the Walking Dead, computer and sitting on my arse all day, lol.
So excited for the new show tonight :)

Oh one more thing...I haven't been resizing my photos.
Last year they had stated that I had ran out of space on my Picasa, so I had to re-size them under 800 pixels.
I forgot to re-size them one day and they still went I haven't re-sized any for the last few days...just thought I would share :)

I hope you had all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow...I so need to get rid of my scraps. That taco salad sounds yummy. :)

  2. Tracy, I recently went through my scraps (I still have them), cut them into 6x6 pieces, got rid of any small pieces, put 12" strips into an Iris case & I have a bin the sizes in between. Since doing that I find that I an using my scraps so much more. Since seeing this, I may get rid of the in between sized scraps....Thanks for the inspiration

  3. That's a great way to store scraps, I just put mine in a box or it's everywhere in the drawers. I like the bag you keep them in.

  4. I love your new scrap solution...and sometimes just purging and starting over is very freeing. Sounds like you had a very good day!! YAY!! Love lazy, sit around creating all day, kind of days...those are the best kind! ;)

  5. I keep my scraps too,Tracy and usually use them for cards. I have too containers- one for small and one for larger pieces. I really should get rid of the smaller box, but one never knows what one may need.

  6. Getting ready of your paper scraps! Wow, you must feel awesome. I totally can't wait to catch up on Walking Dead tonight too. Oooh the suspense, only I know the show will only end with more suspense.

  7. YAY it does do a girl good to get rid of scraps and find a new way to store them.
    Great idea;)

  8. nice to know everybody has a problem with scraps i have started leaving them on my desk so in theory!!!! i use them first doesn't always work i know

  9. This is a great idea...they are protected, you are protected and everyone is happy!

  10. Great idea!!
    What is this Walking Dead that everyone keeps talking about? Where have I been?

  11. love the bag- what an awesome idea! i have never seen that before! how awesome that you went through all your scraps!
    I must say i have done a really good job lately of using them up! so proud of myself

  12. That's a brilliant idea! I snagged a few sweaters on those metal tabs myself back in the day. Love this idea. So now that you got rid of all your scraps, are you going to build them back up again with tons of paper crafting? :)

  13. This is a fantastic idea!!! Mine are in a box, but when I go out to crop they stay home and I end up making new scraps.

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  15. I put mine in a drawer and burn what I dont use.We live out in the country, so we burn all papers once a month.

  16. SO PROUD OF YOU FOR GETTING RID OF YOUR SCRAPS!!!!! Doesn't it feel good? I like your tip with putting the file holder in the bag, so smart. I would have just kept snagging my sweater and cursing. I love to make dip like that and eat it the second day. (sometimes I think it's better the second day, don't you?) How was the new episode?

  17. Yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    I do not hoard my scraps....honestly, I often get tired of the papers at some point...I save larger ones and sometimes bring them to school, or pass them on.

  18. Oooo, so colorful and organized. Love this!

  19. I have way too many scraps too, I would love to get rid of them but I feel too guilty just throwing them out lol

  20. Why do we all feel guilty for throwing out the scraps. Thats a crafters for you keep everything because one day you may need it. lol

  21. Scraps - sorted - great idea! Love the recipe. Bad weekend here, Andy told the girls he was there until the end of Aug, tears galore! WE had a big group talk, big group hug and then watched Hotel Transylvania - great movie:-)

  22. Well done for getting rid of/sorting your scraps! x

  23. Congratulations on getting rid of all your scraps!!!

    I love how you used a bag to make your scraps more portable! That is just fabulous!

    Mine are in a 3 drawer thing, but the got all jammed in the back and I just had to throw some out. I was so upset!

  24. I need to do something about my scraps. I keep them in the same folders as the paper, so I do remember to use them, but they're still taking over. especially when I use a sheet to cut something on the silhouette and don't want to throw out the extra, and it's like a big sheet of cs with shapes cut out of the middle, and it catches on everything in the folder. I should just toss that stuff or at least cut it into smaller rectangles or something.

  25. I keep my scraps since I find myself usually needing them later on. I found out that putting them in a plastic box and having them sorted by colors help me find them easily later on. The bag sounds like a great idea, though. I might try that one time.

    Ruby Badcoe


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