Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It was like ol' Times

Here is a card I made for my friend Debbie...just because :)
We have been friends for over 25 yrs.
She stood up for Wayne and I when we got married.
Plus we were in same kindergarten class...but we didn't know it until many years later.

When I saw this cute stamp on one of our trips, I just had to get it as, for some reason, I thought of her :)
This card turned out so different then I had planned.
But, as I normally do, I picked the papers after I had coloured the image, and I didn't want to cover up that sweet heart.

Here is a closer look at the image.
I seem to be a bit rusty with the Copics...I sooo need to get my markers out more.

And here is the inside of the card, and the stamp I used.

I also put a little video together of my last few cards :)

Onto My Day:
The reason for the title, was because I was a taxi for my daughters today.
It was my week to car pool Kristy and her friend as well as her friend's brother to school this morning.
Then I had to pick Kristy up at 12:15 and take her to the college. She is taking a course there and will receive a highschool and a college credit for it.
Then I had to pick her up at the end of it.
Ashley's (my) jeep was in the shop, so I had to pick her up from work to take her to pick it up when it was done.
Then lastly I met my friend Debbie for a bit of supper and some shopping. Debbie and I used to do this every Tuesday...but for whatever reason it got pushed to the back burner.

Kristy apologized when I told her I was a taxi today.
I told her there is no reason to reminds me of when you girls were younger and I spent more time in the jeep driving you guys around then I did at home. And to tell you the truth, I kind of miss that ;)

I hope you all have had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hope you have had a great day. Cute card. Cool you have been friends with Debbie for that many years.

  2. Very cute card!
    And I think your coloring is amazing!
    I think it's wonderful that you have been friends so long. There is just something so cool about that!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. What a cute card......and how wonderful is it to have a friend that has been around for that long!

  4. So adorable! Great job on the coloring!

  5. I love that you made a card for Debbie, just because. It turned out so cute! How did you get the shiny on the peppermints?

  6. Wow...gorgeous coloring! Sweet card!

  7. Lovely card, you are very lucky to have a friend like that. look after her friends like that are hard to come by. :)

  8. This is so adorable and your coloring is amazing!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day! Adorable card. The perfect image for a long-time friend.

  10. Ca-ute image! Could be me and my sis- she is blonde (used to be, lol) and I am brunette. I think the colouring looks great! Don't get rusty! ;0)

  11. Such a wonderful image - love the colouring. Reminds me very much of my two girls, one brown hair one blond hair:-) I play Mom's taxi every day too:-) School pick ups and drop offs. Tonight its the dentist for Shannon - she finds out if she is going to get her braces off:-) Then off to pick up her friend for a sleepover - so home made pizza is on the cards for supper. I made the dough this morning - so its just putting it together and in the oven:-)

  12. Thank you for the date! It was great! I really appreciate and love the card. Our friendship i cherish dearly... You are my BFF! I feel extra special as you actually gave away a card!LOL... looking forward to next time.. and we need to start to make time for each other again more often... remember... life is tooo toooo short! Hugs xox p.s. as always - awesome coloring :)

  13. The cards were very cute, and I reaaly liked reading about your taxi service. I remember those days well and kind of miss the hustle and bustle.

  14. That stamp is too cute. Your card look adorable. It's great to have friendship that last for 25+ =)

  15. I could look at your copics coloring all day long! This card is super cute and it seems like the insides of your cards are getting even prettier with each one.

  16. Cute card...your friend is going to love that...I love that the one image has the heart showing!

    I remember when I was a taxi for my girls that I can't drive anymore they taxi me!!!

  17. What a cute card. I love that stamp. I've been a taxi many times. I have had weeks when every single day had some kind of activity in it. ugh.

  18. That card for your friend is just darling. Love the stamp!

  19. That is so cool that you and Debbie were in the same kindergarten class and didn't know it!!

    I loved seeing all your recent cards :)


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