Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-visiting (again) Defunkifying Your Life Missions

Here we are yet again, re-visiting my Defunkifying Missions.
We are going to see what worked and what hasn't.
So lets check out our 1st Mission.

I will post links to the original missions.

1st Defunkifying Mission - Organize our paper work.
I think it is still working for us.
One thing I did do differently was add that large purple paper clip to our bills.
So hubby can just grab the paper clip to see which bills are due and not have to flip through every envelope.
Don't pay attention to the calendar, lol.

2nd Defunkifying Mission - organize your junk drawer..or at least one of them ;)
I think I can do a bit of work on this one.
Now that I don't have any book work in the house (as I am retired now :) I have more space..or I should say I "should" have more space.
I haven't gone through everything yet.

3rd Defunkifying Mission - organize your desk.
I really don't work at a desk, I work on the couch close to my hubby ;)
Now in all fairness, I am organizing my stamps. Take the stamps away and I think it looks pretty good, don't you ;)

 4th Defunkifying Mission - organize a closet.
I transformed my broom closet into a small pantry.
It needs to be bigger with my family of 5.  I may take over the linen closet for this as it is way bigger...but I am still thinking about this.
I think it is still in pretty good order...just to small.

5th Defunkifying Mission - tackle another closet...we all have a lot of closets ;)
This could use another re-do.
As you can see our movies are taking over once again, lol. We haven't put our movies in those binder cases I got Wayne for Christmas.
There are some things in behind the laundry basket, so the basket can't fit in its cubby yet again.

Here are the first missions we will look at this week. Check one mission out a day or do it all in one.
Check and see if your areas are working for you, and if they aren't, find a system that will ;)
We will re-visit the remaining missions next Monday.

I hope you all had a creative Monday :)
This is the 4th time I had to write this post as blogger wouldn't save or publish it for here is hoping it works this time.

Tracy :)


  1. I had some problems with blogger last night. I finally gave up and went to bed. Funny you should mention the movie closet. I bought binders in the summer and did that project so they would all fit on the bookshelf. Somehow, I now have a tote in my closet.

  2. Trying to get a little organized here. Need to tackle my desk in my kitchen. It is always a collector of junk!

  3. Look forward to seeing how you tackle these spaces...I love organizing! I love the look of it all after it is done. But I redo things all the time cuz i think of a better, more efficient way to do it.
    I spend more time re organizing my scrapbook room than I do crafting!!!

  4. can't wait to see how you transform these closets!!!! I am always reorganizing my pantry!

  5. This was fun to revisit your missions! I think you've done a great job keeping things together. Plus it was fun because so often people post their finished organization but never an update! I'm looking forward to seeing the update on the bathroom!

  6. I'd say you're doing a great job! Thanks for the update!

  7. It's always fun to see the after and how it's working out! It looks like you are keeping things pretty straight and organized despite the two small closet.
    My organized projects never stay neat. I usually have to re evaluate or reorganize and straighten every few months!

  8. Looks like you are deep into "Winter Nesting" lol. I'm not getting much done as I am traveling again....babysitting my nieces.

  9. I should do a post like this!!!

  10. I love it! I can't wait until we move and I can organize everything in the new place. Its too close to the move to try to organize in this one!


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