Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wayne's Birthday and a Crop :)

Today Wayne celebrated his 49th Birthday !
The girls wanted to get him a cake from a local bakery that they like.
Wayne loves black forest, the rest of us...not to much.
So the girls picked up 2 cakes...;)
Unfortunately I wasn't able to celebrate with them as I wasn't home.

And the reason I wasn't home......I was attending a 15 hour crop!!!
It was called Scrap for Heart, as the Heart & Stroke foundation puts this on. This is my 3rd year attending.
I was pretty impressed with how little bags I packed ;)
The pink/purple pillow was a cushion as the chairs aren't to comfy.

Here is my work space.
I was going to take a photo before I had started, but her is my work in process desk....after I tidied it up of course ;)

I have always stayed right to the end at midnight. But tonight I left a bit after 11:00pm as I wanted to wish Wayne a Happy Birthday in person.

Today was a pretty good day for Rose :)
Last night Rose woke up at about 3:00am and ate and was walking around.
Then this morning she ate and was following me around a bit.
Then today the girls told me she was pretty good, she ate well and was watching what they were doing...still spent a lot of the day under the bed though.
Tonight when I came home, she came to greet me at the door, then she even ran out of the living room and down the hall when she heard Heather and Kristy come upstairs :)

I hope you all have had a very creative Saturday :)
I know I did, and spent it with some wonderful friends :)

Tracy :)


  1. well tell wayne I am 10 days older so that should make him feel good:) Trust me one day I will use it against him. LOL
    Oh soo so happy to hear Rose is feeling better. I hope she just keeps improving.
    so what did you get done girl?

  2. Glad your kitty is doing a little better:) and happy birthday to your hubby,cant wait to see what you made.

    1. Thank you Jodie,
      If you have a blog, I couldn't find it. I would love to visit yours if you could leave me the link :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your DH and glad you had fun at the crop. You did well only packing that much!!!

    I am drooling over your copic selection!

  4. That sounds like a fun time!! Happy Birthday to your dh. I will sit with the rest of you-not a fan of black forest here. The only cherries I like are rainier cherries (also cherry pop tarts, chocolate covered cherries, and cherry kool-aid).

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Wayne! Hope he had a great day minus his wonderful wife! And I'm glad Rose is feeling better. And hope you had a great time at your crop!

  6. What wonderful cakes! Hope Wayne had a wonderful b-day! So glad rose was feeling better!
    Looks like you got some fun crafting in!

  7. Wow, I think that whole bag of markers looks just as yummy as the cakes!

    1. I like the way you think! LOL

  8. Had a great day with with BFF! And your work space looks great! Boy - where was I I didn't see your area like this! LOL...No, I must say, you did pretty darn good keeping your work area clean and we wern't on top of one another! although that is half the fun:)Sorry I bailed on you a bit early this year - we will have to make the couple hours up when you get home! Hugs - and luv ya girl! :)

    1. See I was really good, I didn't overtake your space..I was really paying attention to that this year, lol.
      Its a date..just tell me when ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Wayne -mmmmm yummy cake, luv black forest, save me some;-) Glad you had a great time at the crop - hope you made lots of stuff. Also glad that Rose is doing OK. Have a good Sunday. Off to take Andy to airport soon:-(

  10. Give Rose a ittle time.She will come around once the insulin starts to work.Im glad you were able to say happy birthday to your hubby.I know it ment alot to him ( even though they may not always show it)lol.Glad you had a great time at crop.Have a great and relaxing Sunday. :))

  11. Yummers, a piece of each, please! :0D
    Glad that Rose seems more active.

  12. Happy birthday to Wayne! So glad Rose is feeling better.

  13. Sounds like Rose is doing better!! Happy birthday to Wayne!!! You did a great job packing, I think that's the fewest bags you've ever taken. So sweet you left early to wish Wayne a happy birthday :)

  14. Well an all day crop sure sounds fun! Glad Rose is recuperating.

  15. I hope Wayne had a great birthday and that you enjoyed the crop.

    I am so so so happy to hear that Rose is doing better!!!

  16. Glad Rosie is feeling a bit better! Great room y'all have. And all of the greatest people on earth were born on Feb. 2 (me, Dog, Farrah Fawcett and of course Wayne):)



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