Sunday, February 24, 2013

What a Stamping Mess

Well after yesterday's success with my Distress Inks Storage.
I thought I would try my hand at organizing my stamps.
Isn't this a scary mess.
This is where I store my stamps.
I don't store my cutesy girl stamps here...imagine if I did, wow.

You don't think that this looks bad...Liars.
Here is a bit of a closer look.
This shelf holds my acrylic or clear stamps...well it did, but as you see some others have creeped into this space.
Some things were in front of one of the doors to this cabinet so I was just chucking them on top of the photo box instead of actually putting them in their proper place ;)

You still don't think this is I know your a LIAR.
This shelf was for some of my wood mount stamps.
That white tote is full of those $1.50 wood mount stamps.
I have a 3 tier spice rack behind this mess that my stamps were so nicely organized on.
I am embarrassed of myself.

So I brought up the majority of my clear stamps to at least put them in some kind of order.
Like flowers, sentiments, holiday....but I got overwhelmed and decided to chat with a friend about it instead ;)
I think I have a solution to my stamp organizing...but I am going to check on how much it will cost. I would rather spend my money on my supplies then my I am thrifty ;)

Walking Dead is on, so I am off to watch my Zombies :)

I hope you all had a creative day on this fine Sunday.
If you haven't seen my Distress Storage Unit I made, go and check it out...I'm pretty impressed with it..and it cost me under $4.00. Plus it holds 68 inks as well as a tool for each ink and each re-inker :)

So how do you store your stamps.
I would love to know. And if you have a post about it, put in with your comment so I can check it out :)

Tracy :)


  1. Right now, I have some stored in an ikeaunit we had for CDs and dvd's and some are standing in baskets on my other idea shelf unit...I have not posted any pics yet of my craft room, but hope to soon! :0)

  2. OMG - you could open your own little stamp store!! I have used the scrapbook plastic containers I think they are called Iris - for my wooden stamps. One for Christmas and one for Misc, they are both full, but then there are a few big stamps in there. Then with my latest ones, the silicon ones and all that - they are just in a shoe box at the moment. I have put some in a folder, using some laminated sheets. Still trying to get organised on that front:-) but I have no where near that great mound you have there! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Have a good week.

  3. Oh my goodness. we are so 2 of a kind. I am wrestling with my stamp storage at the moment too! $1.50 teensy stamps are in a zipper binder. That really works for me. But I need to stamp them off onto my index sheets as sometimes I forget what i have. I want all the index sheets for everything together.

    Wooden ones are in iris carts that have their own sort of plastic dresser that holds 5 drawers of iris bins. But they are crammed in so deep I have cracked a couple.

    I just found out that postcard albums hold the med acrylic stamps and I might even sew some 81/2 x 11 sheets and carefully slice with an exacto knife to create storage for the weird sized acrylics. The binders sit right beside my drawers of wooden if I can just get the index sheets finished for those too, i will be very happy!

  4. I have tried several different ways to organize stamps but I don't have one that works for all types or that works perfectly. I have my clear stamps in long wicker baskets that I picked up from Michaels and that seems to work best for them. Rubber stamps are in a plastic container and I don't get them out much. If I could see them on a shelf, I might use them more. Good luck with your organizing!

  5. IF I had a closet to store my stuff in it would look worse than this. I AM very curious as to how you resolve this problem. I'm the last person to offer advise and I don't have very many stamps. I do have a small binder that holds Memory Maker acrylic stamp pocket pages that works well.

    I've seen some that have taken the acetate sheets that the stamps come on & they've affixed it to a piece of card stock (you can get a few of them on a page, especially if you cut up the images) then they put those sheets inside a page protector that goes into a large binder. It's a lot of work initially, but I always think it would be worth the effort in the long run.

  6. OMG. My stamps aren't quite this messy! But I wish I had better storage for them! Headed to check out your distress ink storage. No creating for me- too busy working and totally pooped out!!!

  7. I'm sure we all end up with this kind of mess sometimes. I ended up taking all my wooden stamps apart because of storage issues and this gave me a lot more space. I can't wait to see what you come up with after seeing your great distress storage unit.

  8. Yeah...I'm never ever going to show my stamp storage if you think that this is messy! Mine would cause people to cry. Maybe after we move I can reorganize!

    But I can't wait to see how you reorganize them :)

  9. you have some stamps my friend! I can't wait to see how you arragnge them!!

  10. Wow, you have a lot of stamps! I have a box full of clear stamps, and another box full of wooden stamps, but they aren't organised or anything. Good luck sorting it all out! x

  11. I've seen them displayed on narrow photo ledges and it looks really pretty. This way you can see what you have. :)

  12. My wood block stamps are on a shelf. My clear stamps are stored in DVD plastic envelopes.

  13. You have so many stamps, and the only thing is I bet you dont use the ones right at the back, I always find stamps that I forgot I had lol :)

  14. Wow you have a lot of stamps, I don't have that many so I store the in containers I found t Michales

  15. Well you are right, that is a mess. Lol! Since we've already talked about this, I won't tell you how I store my stamps. BUT I will tell you, I'm commenting on all my blogs right now and then I'm planning on watching some videos on stamp storage. You've made me want to change mine up. Lol! Hope you enjoyed your show :)

  16. That is one big ol' pile of stamps Tracy. I haven't got any real suggestions for you except maybe a little culling of the collection.
    My wood mount ones have outgrown their box and I just moved everything else into binders but what a huge amount of work that would be. And, anyways you're a flipper and I'm a turner so I don't think it would work.


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