Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wild Rice Soup and a Greasy Tip

Ever since I had that Wild rice soup when Wayne's and I were on our Anniversary getaway...I just can't get it out of my mind.
So today Wayne and I made Wildrice, bacon and chicken soup.
It was so so good, there is none left, lol
The only thing I found was it a bit salty, but when I took a taste of the was pretty salty in itself.

Wayne loves to alter recipes.
I had to convince him to leave the recipe as is...then if we liked it, we could alter it next time.
Good thing we left it as it was as he wanted to add double the it would have been really salty.
Here is the recipe we used....Wildrice Soup.

Are you on Pinterest...I bet you are, most people love it.
I learned this tip from there as well.
When you cook bacon (or any other type of meat with a lot of grease). Line a bowl with tinfoil and pour the grease into the foil.
Then when it solidifies wrap it up and throw the tinfoil and grease in the garbage. No mess :) Link
Just make sure there isn't a tiny hole in the foil...just learn from my experience, lol.
Can you believe that all this grease is from only 8 pieces of bacon. 

Another tip..when finding a tip or project from pinterest, please share the link. Most pins come from bloggers just like us and I like to give credit where credit is due.
Here is my Pinterest page if you want to follow me ;)  Tracy's Treasures

I hope you had a creative Walking Dead Sunday ;)

Tracy :)


  1. Sounds yummy! And I like the tip, sometimes I cannot find a container. I am a pintrester too, but have not pinned a whole lot. Will follow you! ;0)

  2. Looks yummy and delicious!

    Thanks for the bacon grease tip...what a good idea. Off to check out your pinterest...mine is on my sidebar!

  3. Looks yummy - hope you have a fabulous week,

  4. The soup looks delicious!! I'm the soup lover of the family. I wonder if Alan would eat this? I should try it this week.

    I HAVE made the mistake of salting soup that had bacon in it because I didn't allow enough time for the bacon to really season it and boy, was it ever a mistake. Good thing you thought first!

  5. Good looking soup. My tip for grease. I save my tin cans and I have one in the freezer for that exact reason. I never put grease down my sink. I was raised using a septic tank and that is a big no-no for that. I don't usually have much grease, but what I do have goes in the tin can in the freezer. When it is full- in the trash!

  6. That soup looks delicious!! We eat a lot of soup here in the winter and freeze the leftovers for another night, but this one we might only get one night out of, huh? Lol!

  7. This looks yummy, especially for a cold winter night. :)

  8. The soup looks delicious! I love to put the bacon grease in tin foil. I never have a container. And once, the container I used melted! That was not fun for anyone involved!

  9. Recipe sounds good. And yes, I had a great Walking Dead Sunday, jumping out of my seat during the last ten minutes!

  10. Sounds yummy, great tip,with the bacon fat :)

  11. thanks for the recipe link. The soup sounds really good! We usually save bacon fat for other cooking but that is a great tip for other meats or when we have enough bacon fat saved up.

  12. great looking recipe, sent it to Michael and great tip. Will do that from now on. I hate wasting paper towels.


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