Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Its getting to be that time ;)
When I was at my crop "Scrap for Heart" the other weekend. There was a little card kit in our intro packs.
In the kit were the papers, the 2 foam hearts and a mini clothes pin with a tiny heart on it.
While I was contemplating what I was going to work on next (I think I spend more time doing that then actually working, lol) I thought I would put together this little card.

The mini clothes pin fell apart so I just used the heart off of it..I put it on the two foam hearts.
Out of my stash I added the "Adore" ticket, after I inked it of course ;)
I also added from my supplies the red heart dress pin.
The size of the card is 3 1/2x4 1/4.

Money shot...since I know you like them Becky ;)

They had even stamped and punched out the heart shape, that I had added to the inside.
I added the decorative tape on the bottom.
This was a quick, fun card to put together.
I thought it was really sweet that it was included in our intro. package.

Onto My Day:
I had so many great plans for today.
How many did I complete...none.
Well I did clean and dust the kitchen, so at least I feel like I accomplished something.

Proud Tuesday:
I have been loosing the poundage that I had gained during Wayne's and my Anniversary getaway.
Even though I didn't over eat (besides the corn puffs ;)  it just goes to show, that eating in restaurants is not good for you.

I hope you all had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Very cute card. Yeap, restaurants food is not the healthiest choice, but they are really yummy hehe.. =P

  2. Fabulous card! I love how you decorated the inside too. :)

  3. That card is so cute and I love that they included it in your packet! Love the money shot, as always ;) Was it hard to not use a recipe card on the inside? Lol!

  4. Lovely card, I love the paper, hope you have a great Valentine's day :)

  5. Pretty cute card...I love that you always do the insides too!

  6. Very pretty! Love that you decorated the inside too.

  7. Pretty cards, have a great Valentines Day :)

  8. Super cute card.Is that for your hubby?.

  9. Cute card! I like the litle pin tucked in and the ticket. :0)

  10. This is a great card! The ticket is fabulous. And I love the money shot :)

  11. This is such a fab card 0 I love the paper the font reminds me of the carnival. Love the inked ticket. TFS

  12. very pretty card and yes, neat they included that gift for you. I guess a jump start for the heart theme crop. Cute. Proud you are looosing weight. I think I found it:(
    Oh well there is tomorrow right? LOL

  13. Beautiful card. I love the inside too.


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