Sunday, February 9, 2014

Creative Goodies and in the Zombie Zone

We made it home safe and sound :)
We came home early in order to watch all of this season's The Walking Dead and the new episode starts tonight….so excited!!!!

So I thought since most of my day was traveling in the jeep and sitting on my butt watching TV all day, I would share with you the rest of my shopping goodies :)

The first store I am going to share with you is called Fabric Works.
I have been in this store a couple of times, but before they started selling paper crafts.
I remember they let me shop, even when they were closed and they took me into the back where they were doing a quilting class…that was more than a few years ago.
This year I was given a gift.
Once they learned that I enjoy making mini albums and had a Blog and YouTube channel, Barb gave me a neat tool she invented to help with cutting your papers to the correct size of the chipboard.
I haven't given it a go yet, but she gave me a great demonstration while I was there.
Go here to check out her Perfect Trim Ruler.  It is the yellow tool at the bottom of my photo.

I love those paper clips of the cameras and clocks :)

I honestly didn't think I would find that much at Michael's.
But the prices are 40% less than what I pay here at 
home, plus I had a coupon or two.
Extra bonus, Heidi Swapps new stamps were out ;)

Here is Wayne's Michael's purchases ;)
I needed a few more of these thin containers, as I used them for my flower storage. But this is the only one where the latches stayed shut.
Because it was already on sale, I needed to give Wayne something that wasn't on sale for him to use my other coupon ;)
I was looking for these Heidi Swapp butterflies.

I found a few goodies at Target as well.
I am so into the Valentines theme right now. I love this heart punch :)
I found this banner kit in the dollar bin.
Thought it might look cute on Ashley's mantel, if not…Kristy will have fun putting it together ;)
Yes, that is a T-shirt in this photo. I rather buy creative supplies, but I really do need a few more shirts.

While Wayne and I were in a Grand Marais, I wanted to check out Ben Franklin store.
Yes I found quite a bit of creative goodies in there as well….I can find crafting supplies in every store I go into, teehee.
I think this owl stamp is so cute. It is really big too, its bigger than the palm of my hand.
Heather loves owls…so I see a birthday card for her with this on it ;)
The flair badges are quite big as well. I love the maple leaf and chickadee :)

Well that is all from me tonight.
Getting into the Zombie zone and enjoying The Walking Dead :)

I hope you all had a creative Sunday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Hi Tracy, love all your goodies! You must have had a great time shopping! So nice that you got a gift, and I love that owl stamp, it's so cute! :)

  2. Wow, blows my mind what you bring home! Where do you fit it all? Enjoy your goodies and WD! I know my kids have been talking about it all weeked! Watch for my "Part 1" post of my craft room! Just writting the post in a bit. Once I get my lammies on, my iPad and park my butt for some Game of Thrones. Welcome home!

  3. Fabulous goodies! Love the owl stamp, and those paper clips! Enjoy your Walking Dead. Andy has Seasons 1, 2 and 3 maybe I should give it go :-) Glad you had a safe journey home and that you had a wonderful and fun filled time ;-)

  4. those are some awesome goodies
    I like the Tim Holtz stencil and the buttons
    so Cool

  5. Enjoy being in the Zombie Zone! Lots of goodies to create with. Look forward to seeing your projects!

  6. Glad you made it home safe, even though I already knew that ;) That was so nice they gave you a gift! I can't wait for your review of that either :) Love the owl stamp too. What are the little labels for?

  7. Time for me to rollit backward! Nice goodies!

  8. Home sweet home :) so exciting to have new goodies! The Kaisercraft pad looks gorgeous :) love everything you picked up, yes, even the shirt heehee

  9. Love your goodies. Also the paper clips are cute and love the heart punch. Enjoy your zombies. :)

  10. looks like you had some fun shopping!!! glad you had a wonderful vacation

  11. Looks like some great finds, hope you had a fantastic getaway! I only watched the mid-season finale in order to get back into the swing of things. :)

  12. Great goodies,cute heart punch. and it looks like you had a great get away, I haven't watched the Walking Dead, but my son and grandson watch it all the time.

  13. Enjoy your new goodies! Loads of fun stuff to create with! :)

  14. Wow you got some nice stuff! That sounds like a really friendly fabric and craft store. Glad you had fun and are home safe.

  15. Great goodies! My husband and I are obsessed with Walking Dead!

  16. I love all of the goodies! Even the shirt - I need more too, but I always spend my money on crafting things :)

    The people in that fabric store sound so so sweet! I'm going to check out her ruler!

  17. Great haul...Love the owl stamp and the maple leaf and the chickadee too!

  18. Love the Walking Dead....The Owl stamp is so good, TFS


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