Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February's Monthly pages

I forgot to share my February monthly pages in my Planner.
I think February is one of my favourite months to decorate as I love hearts and the colours of pink and red are so pretty together :)

So lets take a closer look.

I had some fun with my washi tape ;)
The pink heart borders, the thin light pink strips and the "Love" are all washi tape.
If I was to ink directly on the pages with a stamp, the ink will probably bleed through to the other side.
I don't want that.
So what I do, is stamp the "cupcakes" on an Avery sticky label, colour it with my markers and then fussy cut it out and then adhere it my page :)

I also had fun with my label maker :)
I first coloured some paper with whichever colour I chose, and then punched out the shape with my heart shaped handheld punch.
I then used my label maker to add the text.
I really like using the label maker…who needs word stamps when you can type out any words or phrases to suit your needs.

It has taken me a bit to get used to these pages as they are different than the ones i had last year….but I think I am liking them :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Wow these are so fancy. No wonder you need so much Washi! Very pretty.

  2. You sure go to a lot of work for your planner! It looks great, though!

  3. Wow! It looks great! Love the pink and red and love theme for this month!!!

  4. Oh so pretty :) the heart border washi is so cute! I haven't decorated my February yet but I did finish making my own dividers using some 6x6 vintage papers that I had and I love flipping through my planner and looking at them now lol

  5. Love the washi and all of the hearts!

  6. Cute pages and great idea for your DIY stickers!

  7. Looks great, not sure I like mine, two days to a page. takes me forever to find the right day. I am still using my purse date book. But lots of great ideas, Family day is next week?????

  8. Very pretty way to keep on top of things!

  9. Cute planner! It makes me excited for Valentine's Day :)

  10. I love this page, love the reds/pinks with the touch of mint?!! All those hearts are fabulous, if I ever thought I would use a planner, I would want mine to look like yours!! ;) :)

  11. It looks awesome and I'm so glad you're liking the pages!! That heart washi is so cute!!

  12. This looks great! Pink and red and hearts are my favorite things about February too!


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