Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun filled day

I promised you some creative shopping puctures, so here are a couple.
I'm not going to share all of them as this post is picture heavy as it is. 
Here are my goodies from Hobby Lobby. 
I have a giveaway coming up, 4year blogaversary, so picked up a few things for that as well.
And this is what Wayne bought from Hobby Lobby. 
He said he liked the vintage look to it. Plus he told me I can use it whenever I wanted....such a sweetie eh, lol. 
We went to "My Sisters Place" for lunch. I love the sweet potato fries there. I brought over 1/2 of my meal back with us. 
Sucker anyone? 
I love this place, there is so much to look at. 
There must have been a snow sculpture compitition here. This pinecone is probably 6ft tall. They are so detailed. 
I was going to take a photo of the otters from the other side because it looks like the bottom otter is a butt sniffer, lol. But my phone died:(
Lake Superior is so beautiful. 
Hard to believe that this was mostly ice yesterday on our drive up. 
Another gorgeous scene. 
Here is the view from our room's window.
Hearing the waves crash against the rocks and shore is so soothing.  
Last photo. 
We had supper at the Bluefin Grille. 
Delicious is all I can say. 
Again I brought 1/2 of it back with us. 
Between my leftover from the last two days, we don't have to go out for lunch tomorrow. 

I hope you all have had a creative Friday. 

Tracy :)


  1. Looks like the two of you had an awesome time!!

  2. Hoe you enjoyed your little getaway. I loved seeing your photos! Have a great weekend.

  3. I love looking at your pictures! They make me miss BC so much although we don't get as much snow and cold. Looks like a wonderful getaway! :)

  4. And I see Romance Novel amongst your creative goodies...pretty papers and yummy goodies!

  5. Looks like you are both having fun. Lovely pic's :)

  6. Great pictures, love the deep blue of the lake. Erie is still frozen over. Sweet potato fries are so yummy. Looks like a fabulous anniversary get away.

  7. Looks as though you are having an amazing time! And so cool that Wayne is going to let you use his Vagabond when ever you feel like it ;-) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  8. Beautiful photos, Tracy, looks like a great day! :)

  9. Wow that is a lot of food!!
    And great outdoor shots :)

  10. A Vagabond!!
    Lucky Girl -
    So was that about the same price as the cricut? LOL
    Just Kidding!!

    Enjoy your weekend .... Pics are awesome ...

  11. Looks like you're having a fabulous time! Nice haul, looking forward to the giveaway. I also just love your pictures, they look amazing! :)

  12. I love all the Thickers! So excited about your Vagabond, can't wait for a review!! Gorgeous pictures and all your food looks so yummy!

  13. I love all of the goodies that you got! And how sweet of Wayne to get the Vagabond and say you can use it whenever you want ;)

    I love the views from your trip - the snow sculptures and the lake are so beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time :)

  14. What fun - lots of variety I see.


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