Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 23rd Birthday Heather

Today is my daughter Heather's 23 birthday.
Wow, hard to believe she is 23, especially since I feel only a few years older than that ;)

My Heather is a quiet girl to most.
But believe me this girl has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it to me or her family.
She is kind and a lover of all animals.
She loves to be around her sisters.

She is thrifty like me.
She also is not a person with a lot of needs.
Which makes it difficult to find her a gift.

We have a tradition in our family, that when it is your birthday, you get to choose where to go out for your Birthday dinner.
Heather picked Wasabi, which is a sushi restaurant.
Here are my 3 beautiful daughters :)

As I was looking for a card for Heather, she was in the room with me.
When I told her what I was doing she asked me "What, aren't you going to make me an Alice in Wonderland card"
I had a few cards with the gorguss girls images on them, as I know she loves these images.
So I showed them to her but she couldn't choose which one she liked more.
Funny that she picked out her own birthday card :)

After dinner we all came back home to have cake.
Everyone was so full from supper that they decided to play some board games.
Wayne and I decided to lounge on the couch, lol.

If you are familiar with my blog and my family, then you know Kristy is the cake maker/decorator in the family.
So she made Heather's birthday cake.
A tardis from one of Heather's favourite shows, Dr. Who.

I hope you all had a creative day today.
Still didn't get a chance to work on my monthly tag…I have to get it done for tomorrow though.

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Heather bear :)
Tracy :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER. LOVE that cake. Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Good Job on the cake! I also make birthday cakes they are fun to do. I just made one for my son's birthday! I did a SpongeBob Cake. Love looking at your daughter cakes!

  3. Happy birthday to her :) my birthday is the 28th

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter Heather. Time does fly by my daughter will be 21 this year. But I think I am only 29 lol. Think I may have to put my age up a bit. Hope you all have a good day. And love the card.

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter., Heather. Tracy, your daughters are beautiful.

  6. Happy Birthday Heather, It looks like you had a great day. I love sushi but don't know what to order. Lovely cake and beautiful cards too. looking forward to seeing your Teb. tag.

  7. I hope she enjoyed her birthday, it sounds like it was a good day! Lovely photos of your beautiful girls, Tracy! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you and your family planned just the perfect celebration for her.

  9. Happy Birthday Heather!

    It looks like a great birthday celebration! And I love the cake that Kristy made her. Its so cool to have a cake maker in the family!

  10. Happy Birthday to Heather!
    Love the cake, sounds like you all has a great time! :)

  11. Wishing Heather a very Happy Birthday! Awesome cake.

  12. Happy Birthday Heather - looks as if you had a fabulous day. My daughter would be really impressed as you are holding her favourite movie of all time, How to Train a Dragon, and she is counting down the days to the new movie! Fabulous cake by Kristy - wow!

  13. Happy birthday Heather!!! Such sweet pictures :) another great cake Kristy!!

  14. Great cake and looks like fun was had by all!

  15. Happy birthday to Heather and kudos to Kristy for the mad cake decorating skills...I talent that I did not get! She did a great job!


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