Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mommy/Daughter time ;)

I know I don't mention my beautiful daughter Heather on my blog that often.
The reason being, she never lets me take a photo of her.
Unless you count all the photos of her with her hands in front of her face, lol.
She had no idea that Kristy took this picture ;)

Today we had to go out and get Heather's Health card renewed as tomorrow is her birthday, and if you know me, then you know I do most things at the last minute ;)
Heather wasn't thrilled about going out today as she had worked earlier this morning, so I helped out by drying her hair after her shower.
It has been many years since I have done this, and was happy to do it :)

I had started on my tag for February, but didn't get around to finishing it.
Maybe I'll have a bit of time tomorrow :)

I hope you all had a creative Wednesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Awwwe...sometimes I blowdry Little Miss C's hair...She is 7 now and I still help them get dressed in the mornings we go to walk them to school.
    I hold their undies and pants while they step in them and they always smile and say thank you and hug me!

    I will miss it when they are too old and won't let me help anymore. But then maybe I will get a day like you had today...what a treat!

  2. So nice you have a a close bond with all your daughters. Looking forward to seeing your tag. I'm now two behind. lol.

  3. You will be in trouble when she see's this lol. Have fun doing your tag. :)

  4. Aw, that is such a sweet picture! I remember when my mom use to dry my hair too. Now I just don't dry it at all! Hahaha

  5. I can remember my mom doing this with me and I do it for my girls now too :) What a great picture, Heather will be thrilled to have this years from now! You still have a couple of days left to get your tag done!!

  6. Us Mums - love playing hairdresser. Shannon does her own now, but Emily still likes me to dry it for her and she is 13 LOL!

  7. Awesome picture. Working together to speed things up hehe...

  8. Aw I remember when my mom used to dry my hair for me...and wait until Heather sees this picture!


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