Saturday, February 15, 2014

Organizing my carts

I love these Ikea carts.
They hold so many goodies ;)
That is a good thing..unless you are like me and just keep putting stuff in it, hoping to organize it later.

Yes I have two of them.
And yes they are both in a big unorganized mess.
I am in the process of organizing both of them.
The grey one is kept upstairs for when I do my crafting while watching a movie.
I want to keep my *Travel tote* upstairs as it has all my necessities for paper crafting. Then I can just take it out of here when we are on our way to the cottage.
Once I get them organized to suit me perfectly, I will share the finished carts and what are in each one.
It may take me the whole long weekend to figure it out though ;)
Today was a real nice day.
Not the weather mind you.
Wayne was going to go and plow the cottage roads, but it was still snowing, blowing and it was cold.
It was a great day as my oldest daughter Ashley invited us all to her house for lunch.
She and her boyfriend made a great Valentines supper of 4 cheese spinach dip with baked pita chips, shrimp Au gratin, chicken with bacon carbonara. They had so much left over.
It was a delicious.
I have to laugh at Sebastian as he loves straws. He will take it right out of the glass and then run away with it.
Ashley has a photo of him, that it looks like he is drinking out of a straw, teehee.
If you haven't yet, go to yesterday's post *Giveaway Post* and leave a comment to be entered…I know you wanna ;)

I hope you all had a creative Saturday :)

Tracy :)


  1. That looks pretty stormy!

    Those raskog carts are gorgeous. I love the aqua but the grey would fit in anywhere! Look forward to the post where you organize it!

  2. What a great post, Tracy. There is nothing like getting organized - in our craft rooms AND in life in general. It helps things run so much more smoothly, which ultimately helps us accomplish more. I always enjoy seeing your sweet creations.

  3. Oh I can't wait to see your organization on the carts! Do you find it difficult to get to the 2 bottom trays? I really like it for its compact portability but there doesn't seem to be much room height-wise between each level? I guess it also depends on what's put in them. Right now our dining chairs look like your carts -piled high with creative crafty supplies ;) Ashley's home looks so cozy. I'm glad you all had a great day :)

  4. I know I shouldn't really be jealous of your snow, but.... LOL!
    Anyway, I am waiting eagerly to see what happens with the Ikea carts as I could really do with some organisational inspiration! ;-)

  5. I just found your blog, I love it xx how to I subscribe to it, I can't see anything on my phone screen!! Xx

  6. I just found your blog, I love it xx how to I subscribe to it, I can't see anything on my phone screen!! Xx

  7. The carts have been on my wish list for a while, must get to ikea very soon, but our nearest one is 150 miles away. Just love that store. Snow looks gorgeous. :)

  8. Those carts look great looking forward to seeing them organized and what you put in them. I have a small one at the lake for when I craft then I have everything in one spot and don't lose something in the couch.Sweet picture of Sebastian, he is so adorable.I am partial to black cats since I am servant to one.

  9. Love the carts. We don't have an Ikea near us. Would love to see how you organized them. Trying to get my scraproom organized also. Just don't know where to start.

  10. Thanks for the link to your facebook page. I liked it.

  11. I really do have to get one of these carts! Like I need more storage LOL! WOW, lunch sounds fabulous and yummy! Love that cat, such beautiful colouring. Have a great Sunday.

  12. Laughing at your pics of your carts, Tracy - I have the grey one, but it's empty - I seem to be unable to decide what to put in it (probably 'cos I'm afraid it'll end up like your blue one!!!!). Your grey one looks super-organised and convenient, though!


  13. Looks like quite a project, have fun organizing! Your lunch yesterday sounds fab! :)

  14. Those are some pretty full carts. I have those inserts in mine but then I have my inks and sponges in my cart. Good luck! Cat with a straw..weird;)

  15. That's a great idea you have for your carts, can't wait to see them all organized!! So funny about Sebastian! We've been running around crazy here with the girls, dances, birthday parties,etc. Thank goodness for three day weekends, right?

  16. I love those carts too! I have one in my bathroom. No room in my scrap area, unless I get rid of the computer desk and move it else where. That does look like nasty weather out.

  17. Those carts are awesome and will look even better once you get them the way you want them. :)

  18. Love your carts, and I can't wait to see how you organize them! And Sebastian sounds funny.. :)

  19. tried to post from Phone at rink - no luck

    Love these carts
    thinking I may need one ....

  20. I am loving those carts! I've been wanting one, but we haven't gotten to Ikea lately!

    That dinner/lunch sounds amazing! I am totally jealous!


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