Monday, May 5, 2014

Headed to the border.

My wonderful daughter Ashley purchased some chairs off the Internet.
Because delivery was free if shipping within the USA, she asked if we would cross the border to pick them up for her, as we have a truck. 
Of course we said yes. 
So we were on the road before 8:30am yesterday morning.  I was surprised I was wide awake after my 13 hour crop from the night before....guess it was from all that pop I drank, lol. 

Here are her chairs on either side if the mantel I made for her.
Pretty aren't they.
After Sebastian checked them out, he hid under one of them. 
Sebastian is an indoor cat. 
I was holding him so he wouldn't run outside as they were bringing in the chairs.
I went to hold the door open for Ashley and Tyler and Sebastian freaked out, went to jump on the box and used my face as a launch pad. In the process he clawed me. My chin was bleeding for quite a while and I still have scratch on the side of my face. 
But doesn't he look so sweet. 
I have one more photo to share with you from my crop. 
This is my Kristy with Ashley's boyfriend Tyler. 
See they even liked my photo booth wall. Lol. 

Hope you had a creative Monday :)
I have a note book I write create ideas and such in. I took apart a scrapbook calendar to add to my creative ideas book. 
I am still working on it, so will share it when I'm done :)

Tracy :)


  1. Those Chairs are GORGEOUS!!
    Do Share where they are from ....

  2. Ashley has good taste. Nice mommy and daddy you are to go and get them!

  3. Ouch! But her chairs look very nice :)

  4. Love them chairs, both looks lovely next to your fireplace you made. Can't wait to see the book :)

  5. Those chairs look great next to the mantle you built for her! Looking forward to seeing your notebook, I keep a regular one for my ideas too. :)

  6. Great chairs, they look fabulous beside the mantle. Sebastian looks awesome on that chair. and the cute picture of him under is sweet. He is a handsome cat.

  7. Pretty chairs, I love how they look with the mantle you made for Ashley. Love that the kids got involved in the photo booth :) storey about your cat scratch :( hope it's healing up okay. I can't wait to see your creative ideas book addition!!

  8. great chairs! you poor thing :(
    love your photo booth

  9. The chairs look fabulous! And they aren't really at home until the cat sits on them.

  10. The chairs are beautiful! And I love how they look next to the awesome mantle you made!

    I'm sorry about your chin, I hope it is better now!

    The photo booth is so fun! Love that you had that at the crop!

  11. Those chairs are fabulous - love them and the finishes! Hope your scratch is healing - cats can be fickle things LOL!

  12. Love the chairs! Love cats, but they can be evil.😉

  13. Those are beautiful chairs!

  14. Sorry that you got all scratched up! Those chairs are beautiful!!!!!


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